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  1. what is a reasonable price for them? i heard they were on sale. also are they TTS and comfortable? any useful information would be awesome ;)


  2. I tried them on and found them not to be TTS for me. I would recommend going up a half size. For me a whole size would do it, but I usually take my CLs a little bigger than most. They did go on sale, but at this point, the worth just depends on how much you want them. They are becoming a little more scarce. I would say $499 would be fair, but hopefully you could get them for more like $399. :flowers:

    They are comfortable as far as CLs go. ;)
  3. i have narrow feet though. would it work?
  4. If you have narrow feet go up a half size from your normal CL size.
    They are pretty comfy. You can get them around $400 now. They are one of my favorites.