Activa what do you think...???

  1. I am considering getting a pair of black patent activa's via the bay (since I don't have any storeacess) what do you think, how do they look on the foot are the realtively comfortable?

    Thanks for your expert advice.
  2. I personally LOVE the look of this style. I recently tried the python/white combo at Saks (on sale!) and thought that they were surprisingly comfy for the heel height
  3. At first I found the cork and patent version to be too painful so I was able to resist, but two weeks ago I came across the python with kid leather and those hurt less. I am such a fanatic over python that I bought them since they were on sale. The part that hurt me (especially in the patent) is the straps over my fourth toe on my right foot. I do not feel pain anywhere else. It is comfortable for it's height. I was able to try on two sizes, my true CL size and a half size up, and the bigger size was more comfortable. I like the way it looks on the foot. It flatters my feet. BTW, I posted a pic Christina Aguilera wearing it in the celeb & their Louboutins thread.
  4. I love my Activas! Im looking into getting the black patent too. They will go with a lot of outfits.
    One of my favorites. They are pretty comfy for me. After long hours sometimes my pinky toe hurts, but thats in all my shoes.
    Here are some pics of mine.
  5. Stinas - those are so beautiful on you. I really wish I had bought them now, but seeing as I finally got my Hermes Kelly, I suppose it's okay :smile:
  6. Those are beautiful, but I don't like white shoes on my feet. I'm not sure what it is, they just don't look that great on me IMO.

    mich327, Nice! Enjoy the Kelly!
  7. They are gorgeous on you. I like the zig zag/houndtooth contrast with the white.
  8. Sexy shoe. The white looks hot and the black is TDF. Go for it!
  9. They really look great on you ,I love python, personally I only have one pair of white shoes (peep toe Tod's) I am very very difficult when it comes to white shoes.
    But I decided to go for it and ordered the black patent cork version...hope I will like them.
  10. I had the white activa with python and returned them. I just never brought myself to wear them because my foot didn't feel as stable in the shoe to me as my other CLs and that made them more difficult to walk in. I don't know if it was the heel or what but every time I tried walking in them at home there was a lot of wobbling and I don't experience that with any of my other styles of CLs.