Act II is SO GOOD!!!! REVEAL [emoji7][emoji7][emoji7]

  1. Hi Chanel addicts, I've been slacking off only bc I'd been waiting for my goodies to arrive. They're all here so I can finally share with you all!!! This is truly a spectacular collection, there's still so many pieces I'd like to have but I've arrived to ban island (mostly bc I don't have a money tree HA!!) Thanks for letting me share!!

    IMG_1490042337.121644.jpg IMG_1490042347.269864.jpg IMG_1490042356.430702.jpg IMG_1490042365.520505.jpg
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  2. Congratulations! Stunning collection!
  3. Woot! You did SUPER GREAT ceedoan! Love them all! Are you totally thrilled w/ your new Boy? That blue cardholder is dreamy.CONGRATS:heart::yahoo::girlsigh:
  4. Congrats ceedoan!! Love all of them :love:
    Your boys are so handsome :giggle:
    That iridescent card holder is just dreamy :heart:
    I'm impatiently waiting for my boys and something else from a red box hehe:panic:
  5. Congratulations! I love the card holder a lot!!
  6. Congrats! They look amazing
  7. Beautiful! What size is your black boy? What leather also?
  8. Beautiful choices!! I especially love the metallic turquoise card holder :heart:
  9. OMG love all items. Great collection
  10. Wow congrats!
  11. Wow love it all! Congrats!
  12. Congrats Ceedoan! What a great haul! We are bag twins! I'm looking for the so black boy cardholder. Do you mind sharing where you got yours?
  13. Beautiful haul! Congrats and enjoy!
  14. thanks dear!! yeah, such beauties in act II, i still want more!!

    YES!! this boy is my holy grail. i am so happy karl and the chanel crew finally gave us so black in the boy style. i already took him out :smile:
    thanks dear!!! okay... is that BOYS plural??!?!?!! hahaha can't wait to see what you got!!! will we be twins with at least one of them?? :graucho::graucho::graucho:

    thank you!! yes, the iridescent leathers are truly stunning!! i swear this card holder is a different color every time i look at it!!
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  15. thank you!! :biggrin:

    my boy is OM size ($4700 size). it's iridescent grained lambskin. it looks like caviar and feels like a soft caviar, but it's lamb!! and it has specks of color when its in direct sunlight, very subtle and very pretty!!

    thank you!! me too, i think chanel totally nailed it with the iridescent leathers this collection!

    thank you!! :biggrin: