Acrylics, gel, silk wraps...


kry5tal...get it?!:]
Jan 3, 2006
What's the difference?

I've gotten acrylics a couple times before and after I take them off my nails are always thin and fragile. Are there any better alternatives?
I do the silk wrap because I dont want thick acrylic nails. The silk wraps are thinner and look real as opposed to having acrylics. I used to be a nail biter until 2 years ago and I finally stopped and let them grow, but the damage was already done to the nail bed so it was silk wrap for me all the way faithfully every 2 weeks.
Not sure what the difference is...I used to have pink and white tips, but had them taken off...I horseback ride, so it was too much of a pain!!LOL

Now I have natural, very short nails, and get a manicure 1x a week:smile: