Acrylic Watches from NEIMAN MARCUS

  1. I subscribe to Neiman Marcus email updates on sales & new fashions and today I got an email about Acrylic Watches. Anyone have one? & what's so great about them??? they seem VERY affordable and cute.

    NM says it's a new trend & a bunch of the watches have to be preordered. Check out the link:

    Just click on 7 ACRYLIC WATCHES
  2. I just got this email this morning and was tempted. An affordable watch like this fits my semi-rugged lifestyle pretty well. It's just that the dials look humongous!
  3. It would be a very cold day in a very warm place before I'd fork out that kind of money for a glorified plastic watch! You can get Seikos and Citizens for that price!! :wtf:
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