Acrylic Nails....

  1. I'm a musician. I play the piano and the mandolin and am a soon-to-be-waitress and a photographer, so I use my hands all the time....

    My best friend plays the mandolin for a very well known gospel quaretet (at least well known around here) and she plays in her acrylics.

    I've been wearing the glue on kind for a while now and can pretty much do anything in them. So I'm thinking I'm ready for Acrylics. I told my BF that the next time she went to get her nails done I was going with her to get a set put on.

    So my question I have anything to worry about? Do I need any warnings? I'll have to have them cut down really short because of the mandolin playing so length isn't a big issue....any advice would be appreciated.
  2. On this forum acrylic haters out number acrylic lovers, so opinions are going to vary. "But to each their own." :tup:

    I have them and love them. I've had them off and on for years with no ill effects.

    As long as you go to a very nice shop that takes excellent care of their equipment and have basic personal cleaning practices then you will be COMPLETELY FINE!!!!!
  3. I love them, theres nothing to worry about. Like hell_lo_kitty said go to a nice salon ... they know what they're doing
  4. I love acrylics but when I played the violin my maestro would throw a tizzy over my nails and I'd get in all kinds of trouble. So I dont know what to tell you. It's according to how well you play.
  5. I played the piano almost my entire life and I was never able to have acrylics on only because i just couldnt play right...but if you can pull it off more power to you!! I actually love having them off and throw a fit when one breaks
  6. I've never worn any tips or acrylics, I use OPI Nail Envy, and my nails grow nicely. Since you need to keep yours at an active length, maybe this will work for you. The most important thing is to always wear polish and always wear gloves to clean. The downside to artificial nails is that they do weaken your own nails over time, so if you do decide to grow out, you may have to wait 6 months to see the end result (nails only grow 1/2 mm per week).
  7. I have acryllic with gel on top. Just be sure you get someone who knows what they are doing or they'll tear your fingers up. And be sure it's a sanitary salon.
  8. Hmmm. I got gel nails for graduation because I was in too much of a hurry to do my nails, and they were too short for a manicure. They looked awful.

    I actually prefer the drugstore glue on kind. I always get compliments, and no one EVER believes they are from a $6 pack and not my real nails.
  9. I prefer french tip polish, so I'd rather have the plastic nails than spend $25 on a mani that will chip off in two days. That's
  10. I had acrylics for two years straight and I found it hard to do certain things, because I felt like I lost the feeling in my nails and my fake nails were just in the way. But I know most people get used to the feeling and are okay with it.

    I agree with the other members--make sure you go to a sanitary and well-known salon, otherwise your nails will get damaged and painful.
  11. My SIL just switched to gel nails from acrylics and her nails are beautiful. She likes them better. She had acrylics for quite a number of years and never had a problem except when she tried to keep the acrylics off for a few weeks to let her nails have a rest--they were very weak and she always ended up having the acrylic put back on. I want to get gel nails as soon as I am done with all my painting and decorating.