Acrylic options...

  1. Ok, so my bf and I are going to have a girls day this coming week (hopefully) and the means, shopping, pizza (or a nice "sit down" place, not sure yet) and getting our nails done. She's had acrylics for about a year now and she works at her dad's florist and plays the mandolin and guitar and piano..oh and the fiddle, so I figure if she can do all that with those nails on I can survive my life going to school, teaching piano and waiting tables with acrylics on....

    Here's my dilema....I don't want them to look....fake, just long and pretty. I used to have nice long luxurious nails, but because I thought this dumb guy thought that because I had long nails I didn't do anything, I chopped them all off and can't get them to grow back the way they used to be....So I want acrylics.

    I know there's the white tips that everyone has...Amanda's, my friend, her's look awesome on her but I have a strong feeling I'd get really sick of the white tips. That's like a "french manicure" right? I don't know. It's been so long since my Mom had acrylic's I don't know what to do! HELP ME! PLEASE!
  2. I use to get acrylics for years but you do have to consider that they are expensive upkeep, I used to get Pink and White (the french) and I had to have a fill-in every 2 weeks which was $35 so thats $70/month upkeep ontop of the must have pedicure :rolleyes: LoL
    Also you have to consider that they do damage your natural nail, I have been acrylic free for almost a year now and my nails are just now starting to look "normal" but the pink and white is beautiful and it does look nicer then natural nails but to me it just didnt out weigh the cost to me anymore.
  3. Right now i have acrylic over my real nail. I am a very bad nail biter so they will probably be under acrylic for the rest of their lives. Mine def look real, it's all a matter of keeping them at a decent length, shape, and thickness. The place I go to is run by people from Vietnam and they only charge $15 for a fill. It helps to find a good place who can shape your nails the way you want (NO ONE can shape mine the way I want except my lady :smile: ). Every now and then I have them put tips on and "start over".

    I had the white tips once. You can maintain them, or you can just paint over them. The problem I have with the white tips is that, after only a few fills, you begin to see lines in your nail from each fill. That just didn't look good to me, so I ended up getting color put on.

    Good luck! It's really hit or miss with nail places. I've had mine done at other places and ended up having to go back to my regular lady to fix them!
  4. That's the way our place in town is. Run by the Vietnamese and they are exceptional. Can you just get like acrylics with no white tips? Like an American manicure or whatever? I know the first time I saw Amanda with her's she didn't have the airbrushed white tips. So I was wondering....
  5. Oh yeah you can def get regular tips and then just airbrush on the white!
  6. Ok. Cause like I said, I want to look natural...I want the white tips, cause so many people I know have them and love them, but I think like on days when I feel like **** and don't put on any make up I'd be like..."these nails really stick out" and I'd hate them. So I figure not to get the white tips would be better for me....
  7. The key to looking natural is like I said: Shape (square shape is pretty much a dead give away. I don't know any people with natural nails that they shape into squares). Length: Keep it natural. Too long is a give away too. Thickness: If they put too much of the acrylic on (which is very possible) the nails look chunky and that looks fake. You also need to keep them maintained. When they grow out (about 2 weeks) a gap between the acrylic and your real nail starts to show.
  8. This may surprise you natural nails are square! Can you believe that? I'm the only person I know with naturally squared nails! When they were longer I had them all nice one night when I went out with some friends and the waitress saw them and said "OMG great job they did on you acrylics!" and I told her no that they were real and she didn't believe me! She grabbed my hand and looked at them for a solid 5 minutes....haha. It was funny. Yeah, I know all about maintenance. My mom had acrylics for 5 or 6 years for a while once and I would go with her to get her fill ins and all that. She got her first set put on for my brothers first wedding and I was like 5 when that happened, and then had them off for a few weeks and then had them put back on.

    I wouldn't have them put on, because of the new job, but when I saw Jen, my boss, wearing them on my interview day i thought "Ok, there's my sign!" So....

    I mean, my nails are funky fingernails grow out squaure and my toenails barely grow at all! I went for a pedicure the other day with Amanda and the Vietnamese girl working on my feet said "don't cut your toe nails so short" and I told her I hadn't cut them in weeks and she didn't believe me. Amanda backed me up "NO! She's serious! Her toenails don't grow!" It's weird!
  9. Oh wow! Well now I know one person! LOL. Fakes will let you give round nails a try haha.

    The only time I heard of people not being able to wear fakes at their job is in the medical field because they can harbor dirt and stuff. My boyfriends mom had to have hers taken off for that reason. As long as they are tastefully done, I don't see a problem with having them at the restaurant. Just means you can't do really funky colors. For some reason, I don't think I'd want to have a waitress with a french manicure. I don't really know why.
  10. Acrylics RUIN your nails, and they are also expensive to maintain. Think really hard before you get them. They can also cause nail fungal infections and it really is not a good idea to do all the drilling on the nail bed. If you decide to take the acrylics off someday, your nails will be brittle, thin and weak for about a year until they totally grow out.

    You might want to consider silk wraps on your natural nails. If you look at all the fashion magazines, the natural look is "in" right now.
  11. It's true, your nails are shot to hell once you've gotten the acrylics. I've had some break off and the nail is just crap. They are expensive to maintain, but for me, it saves the pain and what not from biting my nails. I know I could stop, but that is so much easier said than done.

    You said your nails are short. How short are we talking? Because you can just get them manicured and that might work. It's true what the above post-er said, you should think about it if you aren't in it for the long haul.
  12. When I say short....I mean....SHORT. Really really really short. Like a stub. I have the nail curse, they break off easily when they get long and they peel it's horrible, so I keep them short to avoid breaking and all that. When my nails were longer I had to file them down every night or file out the knicked places I'd made with them that day because they are so puney. My toenails don't grow and when my fingernails DO grow they grow for about five minutes and then they say "forget this!" and move on. And yeah, I bite my nails too. I quit for a long time a while ago and then once my Dad got sick I started back again. I was like "ok, it's either this, or I start smoking" and then it occoured to me "duh, my Dad has lung cancer, smoking isn't the best idea!"

    Like right now, if you look at my hand frmo the palm side, unless I bend my fingers you can't see my nails at all, and they're long for me right now, this is as much as they'll grow out without constantly chipping and breaking.

    So I think the fakes are a good way to go.

    And yeah, I don't think I could have a waitress with a wild color on her nails...too weird. Save the weird stuff for the toes. As for a waitress with a french manicure...I've had a couple. My sister in law is one of them. She's been a waitress for forever now and when she and my brother got married a couple of years ago she had a set put on for the wedding, she loved them so much she kept them on and she does everything in them. Not just waiting tables, but deer hunting with my brother, duck hunting, white water rafting...and she hasn't had one break off yet.

    My BF Amanda has only had one break off on her, but that was when her little brother slammed her hand against a brick wall. Luckily her hand wasn't hurt.
  13. BTW would anyone be willing to post pics of their nails, just so I could see what I'm getting into? So I could find a set a like and go in and show them the pic..."THIS is what I want....can you do this?" Haha..
  14. Ok, you were asking how short my nails's a pic, I took it for a thred in the jewlery box, but overlook the ring. That's what my nails look like.

    I had a little pit of polish on them to make them look prettier than what they are. They never get any longer than this anymore without breaking on me.


  15. ITA, but mine are always square.....more of a rounded square actually. I can't do the round or oval nails.....I feel like my fingers look shorter and more stumpy than they already are.