Acrylic bangles - should I or should I not?


Oct 21, 2009
What matters most is what the person buying it thinks. Nothing ever costs the worth of the materials used to make the item...otherwise it wouldn't be worth making from a business standpoint.

If you like/love it and if it's worth it to you...then buy it. Who knows...the compliments you get while wearing it will cover the cost of it and then some :biggrin:

I wouldn't buy it cuz I'm a dude, but I would buy another piece of plastic if I loved it enough!


Jul 14, 2008
Hong Kong
Hmmm, it is indeed pricey for a piece of plastic! Haha, I just found the design quite quirky and unlike anything I've seen before. Don't think I'll be getting in but hopefully this thread will attract people to post pictures of in real life. Might help me change my mind!


Nov 12, 2009
Sunny California!
I haven't seen the burberry ones in real life. It is a lot for plastic... but I shouldn't be talking since I :heart: Alexis Bittar and I own a few pieces of his jewelry.

I would say it really depends on exactly how much you like it and how you plan to use it. I don't wear jewelry for everyday so I am not as concerned about wear and tear.


Aug 9, 2009
Also consider how much you'd wear it. I mean, it's a statement piece and probably can't be worn every day with any outfit.

Not quite the same, or even the same league, but I have a hot orange bangle from kate spade I HAD to have. I still love wearing it, but I don't get much use out of it. It was only $40, so I don't care. But if it were more, I'd be disappointed. Especially since it's pretty "out" right now.

But I still dig that bracelet and would notice and like it if I saw someone wearing it.