Across the Universe on DVD comes out today 02/05 tuesday

  1. I cant wait to get it after work! It finally is coming out so i can watch it over and over again now! just thought i would let the people know who likes this movie in case they dont know!
  2. I'm bumping this because I didn't even know it had hit the theatres yet (yes I am extremely out of touch) and then I saw it on DVD at Target. I really wanted to see it but I mean is it any good? What happened, did it die a quick death in theatres, and if so, why?
  3. i saw it at the movie theater on oct 12 in florida? I love this movie, its a really good movie! Some people said they saw it in august? I first saw a preview for this movie when i went to see music and lyrics last year when it first came out in the movie theater. I know it was playing at the movie theaters here for awhile, in december it went to our 2 dollar theater... Ive gotten quite a few people to watch this, and everyone loved it! I knew many people that were waiting for it to come out on dvd just like me! :smile: I recommend seeing it!
  4. Thanks for the info! Tell me, is this movie appropriate for 13 to 15 year olds? Who are generally allowed to watch some R-rated movies as long as there is no excessive cursing or sexual stuff?
  5. This is my 16 year old's favorite movie at present and my 12 year old has seen it too. I was, honestly, a little surprised at some of the nudity and there is plenty of drug references too. Depends on what you let your kids see I guess. We are pretty open minded living in NYC so nothing really bothered me about it...very interesting film and visually stunning.
  6. I didn't think I'd like it, but I really did! I liked their versions of the Beatles songs. I'd definitely watch it again.
  7. Agreed! Loved their take on the Beatles songs and great visuals. Did you know the director purposely chose people who weren't professional singers to be in the movie. I thought that was interesting. Really interesting how they incorporated all the songs and made the story flow too. I think it's a definite thumbs up to watch!