Across the Universe... BEST MOVIE EVER!

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  1. Omg I watched Across the Universe this weekend and I loved it! It is officially my fav movie of all time... so powerful. Any thoughts on it?
  2. I liked it - ended up buying the soundtrack. I thought some of the scenes/plot tried too hard to make the songs fit together, but all in all it was an enjoyable movie!
  3. i'm glad i bought it because i like how they re-did the songs. in the beginning i was SUPER confused... i thought they were shooting two different time generations...
  4. Is that on video? I totally wanted to see that.
  5. I've been wanting to see this movie ever since i saw it as a trailer...will definitely remember to rent it next time I'm at Blockboaster.
  6. I liked this movie alot.It was very different and visually interesting which I appreciated. The soundtrack was amazing, and I bought it because I loved it so much.I currently dont own the movie but in the future i would buy it.
  7. YES. it completely moved me and i loved all of the song remakes.

    plus jim sturgess is totally hot! (pre-scruffy hair)
  8. One of my FAVORITE MOVIES EVER!!! :yes:
  9. Whats the story line about?
  10. I just saw this film a couple days ago. It really made the songs come alive for me, beautifully done! I saw the bum when Martin Luther's character comes to New York and went that should be Joe Cocker - it was! Lots of fun trying to identify all the 1960s references. I am in the process of watching the audio comments now.

    Story line is only an excuse for the songs. Covers several years in the 1960s about a British guy with wanderlust meeting an upper crust American girl, love and life in 1960s big city, getting separated and a happy ending. All with great songs.

    Love it or not, a good one to see just for the references to 1960s and getting to know the Beatles. *I* loved it!
  11. I really liked this movie, but I made it a point to buy a Beatles c.d. after I left the theatre.

    And I made it my business to find I've Just Seen A Face by Paul McCartney.
  12. these two people who live in the sixties and fall in love. after a while things happen to tear them apart because of the vietnam war
  13. I watched it on blu ray and loved loved loved it. I'm a HUGE Beatles fan and thought the cast did a wonderful job. I also own the soundtrack and must say that it gets a lot of play on my ipod. Did anyone notice that whenever Jude or Lucy was going throgh something that Max was also having problems. I loved the starwberry fields sceen and when Max was singing "Hey Jude" my heart melted cause it was just the why I pictured it would be.
  14. The visual imagery was nice but this movie certainly will not be put on my list of favorite watch over and over again movies.
  15. Just saw this. I am a big Beatles fan so I "got" a lot of the more subtle referrences in the film, which probably annoyed my DH as I kept pointing them out to him. The "Dr. Robert" character was based on Ken Kesey and his Merry Pranksters---"you're either on the bus, or off the bus".