Acquiring patina

  1. Hi I chanced into a couple of sites describing how to get the patina from a new bag. Can anyone point me to any sites or discussions on this? Thanks vvm.
    P.s. Just got my fuschia Perf Musette:nuts:
  2. *L* I think we should have a subforum just for Patina! Do a search on this forum and you will find tons of info. I was asking about patina today myself actually....
  3. I tan the leather on my new LVs on the windowsill for a good 5-6 weeks before I condition and spray them. DH thinks it's hilarious!
  4. i learned that maybe you should just let the patina go naturally, from my experience, the bags i let naturally patina look much shiner and clean than the ones i sped up
  5. I've never done anything to intentionally speed up the patina on a bag. I prefer to let them age naturally, and enjoy all the various colors and stages of patina along the way. In addition to that, a lighter patina means that the bag is likely to be newer and in better condition. This is important on the resale end.
  6. There is ton of information on this site. This is where I learned about patina and etc. I have not done anything to encourage patina, but this is just my preference.
  7. I love the brand new vachetta color. I think you should enjoy it before it's gone.
  8. Agreed ! You'll have plenty of time to enjoy the patina as it arrives ! :yes:
  9. just whip egg whites untill frothy (not meriengue!!) just foamy and then take a small paint brush that you would use to paint a picture or something and evenly distribute along the piping and handles then wait overnight untill the egg whites dry on the leather then depending on how dark you want the leather take some massage oil no vegetable oil or anything like that just get massage oil and again evenly paint the oil on the leather to your desired taste after you have finished painting then wipe the oil off with a damp cloth believe me this works extremely well i know it sounds a little strange but this will make your bag look absolutely wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have done it and i also have used it with many of my friends lV bags it works amazing wonders!! i work at louis vuitton in bloomingdales in manhattan believe me i know what i am talking about
  10. ^^ do you have pictures of what the bag looks like after you tried the egg whites and massage oil? it sounds a bit strange...i think i'd be too chicken to try something like that...
  11. Tanning bed - 20 minutes on clean white towel!
  12. I'm definately too chicken to try anything... now, even shining monkey to keep patina away, wish I could... but, I can't.
  13. I've tanned my keepall once so that it got a little more color, however, I only got around to tan one side, so one side has more patina than the other, lol:P Anyways, I would advise you to let it come naturally or to tan it (on both sides though, lol), *personally* I wouldn't put anything on them, but that's because I'm too paranoid, so it probably work for others.