Acqua - Regular Or Giant/gold Hardware?

  1. which is better in your opinion?

    i just noticed that the GH do not have tassles. although this saves us from anxiety over split tassles, i thought of them waving in the wind and how uniquely balenciaga they are... and then i saw messengerbaglover's post of her new PT acqua with GH...
  2. I think aqua would actually look good with both GH and RH, but I don't like RH on styles larger than Classique, it gets completely lost.
  3. I only like the First style so this decision is really easy for me. But for a City.....I think the GH makes the bags look a bit more formal and 'wow', while the tassels and the RH makes the casual viewer see the RH bag more for it's slouch, leather, and shape. So I guess from my perspective, do you want people to notice the hardware (cuz they definitely WILL with the GH) or the other characteristics?
  4. the color really pops with the giant hardware. GH!
  5. argh. GH in acqua sold out. no more... :sad:
  6. i must say, i fell in love with b-bags because of their shapes, leather variations, colours...

  7. What????? All styles??? When I ordered one last Saturday, SA told me they had bunch..........
  8. I am located in Singapore... which store did you order from last Saturday...? They just sold out of acqua with GH. I am sure there are other colours with GH... but did not ask.
  9. Oh, OK. I thought you are in U.S. I ordered one from BalNY.
  10. hmm... perhaps i should call them...?
  11. I think regular hardware, but I am not a fan of gold in general, so that's just my $0.02 : ) I wish they would bring Pewter back, can you imagine the Aqua with pewter. mmmmm.

    I wish you well,

  12. hmm... i never thought about the GH before until i saw MBL's pics of one... right now have a PT and work acqua with RH on hold here :p long distance purchase NY can get exhausting... but i have friends there who can help me check things out... hmmm... think think think think