ACQUA - new color for 2007?

  1. hey everyone! just noticed this color - ACQUA - from the LVR file...looks kinda like the turquoise seafoam im after! :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: anyone has this? pls take a pic n do show! also...the LVR file seems to only hv the new giant hardware...anyone knows if this ACQUA color comes in the regular hardware? cheers!
  2. Interesting question! Anyone?
  3. "Aqua" from LVR is "Vert d'eau" or seagreen. Few Pfers got them and posted pics somewhere in this forum.:yes:
  4. hi yayaflower

    thanks! i did a search n saw pic of the vert deau in both regular n the giant hardware! its looking good! :love: :love: :love:
  5. I particularly like the Vert d-eau with the regualr hardware. What style are you planning on getting in the vert d'eau?