Acorn or Berry Alexandar?

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  1. I am debating on which one to get...

    I saw them in a retail store with full price. Just wondering they haven't gone to outlets yet.

    Which color?
  2. I think they are both beautiful, but I prefer brown bags with brass hardware, so I would go with the Berry.
  3. I saw both at the Boutique- love the richness of the acorn; but admit a weakness for the berry....something about the way it looks on the Alexandra just screams "classy" to me!
  4. I have the acorn and this is my favorite bag. The brown is such a rich color. I love the berry also and I would love to have this bag in the berry. If you don't have a classic brown bag I would go with the acorn. If you already have a brown bag go with the berry. you can't go wrong with any color.
  5. Both of these colors are on my wishlist, oh they are still in the boutique. I can wait.....
  6. i would get the berry! i am a color lover lol.
  7. I have a Maggie in acorn. It's a beautiful, rich looking colour.