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  1. Well i did a search on the forum to see if anyone had posted anything about acne. So i guess i will just start a new thread!

    I've had acne since i was about 12 years old...and i am now 20. When i was younger i mainly had it on my forehead and slowly it moved down...then i was 15/16 i had it on my cheeks...and now i mainly have it on my chin. NOTHING has worked...i have spent thousands of dollars trying proactiv, microdermabrasion, acid peels, prescription products, my diet etc...I could of bought a new chanel bag with all that money! lol

    My mom had really bad acne, and i know i should be complaining about 3 or 4 pimples but it bugs me and makes me not feel pretty. I asked my mom what helped her...and she said when she was 19 she started using Aloe Vera products. So about a week ago i bought products off of Aloe Vera Products So i'm going to try that. Also i know being on brith control does not help! I am looking into getting an IUD...cause my hormones are crazy right now and i know that might play a factor into why i am getting acne now.

    What has everyone else tried? Any tips? What has cured your acne? Any help would be greatly appreciated:yes:
  2. My children both had serious acne. In fact, my daughter wouldn't even wear a sleeveless shirt because she had acne on her back and arms. It is a last resort, but the dermatologist finally put both of them on Accutane and they now have perfect skin. In fact, here is a photo of my daughter with no base (just mascara and blush). Before Accutane, she had numerous facial blemishes at all times. Today, she gets many compliments on her skin.

  3. ^I've thought of that...but it's the side effects that scare me...i have a few more things i think i want to try before i go to the last resort...thank you for sharing though...her skin looks flawless!:yes:
  4. The only thing that I can suggest is going to your doctor and getting something that requires a prescription...Like Retin-A or Accutane.

    I was on Retin-A for a little while, and it worked pretty well. I was mainly on it because I kept getting these really hard, cystic like pimples on my cheeks. After using the Retin-A for a while, they stopped.

    My best friend in High School was on Accutane, and she had GORGEOUS skin!! The side effects can be kind of scary, but the only real side effect that she had was dry lips so she was constantly smearing vaseline and other types of lip moisturiser on them.
  5. Have you gone to a skin doctor and gotten prescription pills for your acne? My friend got those and he is all clear now. They are mighty expensive though. Also, drink lots of water!
  6. sori for not being able to help you out.. but im just wondering, what's the side effect? isn't it just acne cream?
  7. Hi Skinny,

    I suffered bad acne a few years ago and so I totally feel your pain. My dermatologist recommended me Differin cream, which is like a cream version of Reaccutane but less powerful and it has worked wonders on my face. What it does is that it basically dries out the acne, and your skin of course but you put on some Cetaphil to help with th dryness. He also put me on some prescription drugs as well called Doxycycline. However word of warning about Doxycycline is that it can make your birth control pills less effective and has been linked to deformities in babies if you take whilst you're pregnant.

    Hope this helps & good luck :flowers:
  8. Accutane can cause liver problems, so you would have periodic blood tests during treatment. Also, it does cause severe deformities in babies, so you have to take a pregnancy test before starting treatment and sign a statement that you are using birth control. The dry skin is severe, so you have cracked lips and sometimes splotchy skin during treatment. This is because the acne is dried up from the inside out. The good thing about Accutane is that most users never have acne again.

    Note: Both of my children used Retin-A and Differin, but they weren't enough to clear them up. They had tough cases of acne. But, as I said, the Accutane did the trick. Also, Accutane is expensive. When my daughter used it, there were no generic versions so our insurance covered most of it. They put my son on a generic brand and it did not work as well. In the last month of treatment, our dermatologist told us that taking the real thing might clear him up. We agreed, but had to pay a higher co-pay -- it was about $300 for the one month. I think the real cost is close to $600.
  9. Maybe a dermatologist who also has a medical esthetician working in his or her practice would be helpful. I have suffered from acne since I was about 13 years old. It went away in my 20s and 30s only to come back around 45 and stay.

    I never tried Accutane, but Retin-A worked wonders. Antibiotics may work too. Now that I have a new dematologist I don't use it anymore, but the esthetician in her office has taught me how to take care of my skin, which products to use, and does chemical and Parisian Peels for me once a month.

    Hormones and heredity are most probably to blame. I am so sorry you are suffering. I know what you mean about someone saying not to worry, it's not much of a breakout problem with only a few pimples. Of course, you're self-conscious and of course you don't want the problem!

    I really recommend a good dermatologist. You may have to try a few to find the right one.
  10. i found going on birth control was a G-dsend
  11. i was told that acnes on the chin is caused by stress. i had a coupld of stuborn acnes on my chin last year and yes... it was around the time when i was havng some family problems and i was under a lot of stress. i dont have the acnes on my chin anymore and i dont think i have done anything differently to my skin from last year.
  12. at 17, i'm pretty lucky to have very little acne, and that's just ideal. :smile: hehe. anyways, i always watch what goes on my face, and what i eat. diet does play a huge part in your skin and how it looks.

    susan ciminelli (nutritionist to kate moss, sophie dahl and j.lo) has come out with a several tips.

    oily skin: you need a diet lower in animal fat and animal protein, and higher in vegetables, especially leafy ones. avoid nuts as a snack-stick with fruits and veg instead.

    spots on the chin: focus on eating fish or veg-based meals instead of meat.

    right, i've always been eating very healthy, and i know that it makes a difference to my skin. i take in vit c, vit e, berrouca (zince, etc.), omega 3 everyday. healthy stuff that i eat include muesli, honey, special k cornflakes, grapes, wholemeal bread, etc.

    hope this helps!
  13. Well i have been trying the Aloe vera for about a week now. It has cleared up any spots on my face and any future breakouts. I also have 1 wrinkle *lol* that is starting to fade away. I will keep everyone posted!
  14. i used to have acne, but my skin is really clear now. i purchased 5% glycolic acid facial cream, an antioxidant moisturizing facial cream, and a really simple facial cleanser (very similar to cetaphil). i use the glycolic acid facial cream every night. it helps with exfoliation of dead skin cells and makes pimples disappear quickly. i apply the antioxidant moisturizing facial cream during the daytime to replenish my skin. and i only wash my face at night with the facial cleanser. if you wash your face in the morning, you will undo all the work that your skin did to repair itself while you were sleeping. if you follow this skincare routine, you should see drastic results in a couple of months. i have recommended this to a lot of family members and friends and their skin is clearing up as well. please do not waste any more money on expensive skincare products and treatments! they don't work. you just need a simple skincare routine that will help your skin work properly on its own!