Acne Treatments anyone??


Oct 29, 2006
Since i was 11 years old i have had acne. When i was 11-14 my acne was on my forehead...14-18 it was on my cheeks and now 18-21 on my chin. I have oily skin and i have tried EVERYTHING!! Glycholic Peels, Microdermabrasion, every OTC product, deffrin, proactiv etc...I am at the point to where i want to peel my face off! literally! Has anyone tried laser treatments or deep depp glycholic peels. I was also wondering that if you take accutane do you have to stay on it in order to keep your skin clear? Or do you take it for awhile and then go off of it? Any advice would help!

Also i have been off of birth control for a month and nothing has changed with my face. I'm getting an IUD in a few months.


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Sep 19, 2006
My friend went on Accutane and her skin didn't get any better, and she also had terrible side effects. I would stay away from that. Not being gross, but what kind of acne is it? The little red ones, or the big ugly nasty ones? Have you tried lemon in your water? Are you overwashing or over-treating your skin? Sometimes if your skin is too dry, more acne develops.


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Sep 15, 2006
Okay this may not help you but here is the dealio that helped me. I was around 30 when I broke out on my chin. Would not go away. Went to the Derm, they gave me some antibiotics that promptly gave me a yeast infection so I dropped them. Fast forward 6 months later and I had my wisdom teeth removed. Got some lovely painkillers (yay!! lol) and some antibiotics). Had to take the antibiotics. Few days later my face is CLEAR!!! Talk to your doctor about the antibiotics. Worked wonders for me.:nuts:


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Apr 25, 2006
Lemon is a natural astringent. I used to rub a slice of lemon over my face to control the oil and it also brightened my face considerably.

A few months ago, I had a horrible outbreak of acne on my chin, they were very painful and a hormonal issue. I was also left with ugly discolorations. I've always suffered from pimples and very oily T-zone, but this was worse than anything I had since adolescence.

I ended up buying the Clear Skin gel from, and used it in conjunction with Olay Age Defying Cleanser and a Clinique face scrub (I don't recommend this for those with normal or sensitive skin). My chin cleared up within a week. No more painful acne. I now only use the Olay daily and Clinique to exfoliate my face weekly. I haven't had a need to use the Clear Skin gel since my chin cleared but I am grateful this stuff really worked for me.


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Sep 19, 2006
I read an article in some magazine about lemon in your water helping acne, so I tried it. It was a cheap enough thing to try. It really really helps. My skin isn't perfect, but I have much fewer break outs. If I run out of lemon, and don't drink lemon water for a few days, I start breaking out again. Weird, but true.


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Jun 4, 2006
I can totally relate to your situation. I had acne since I was 12 and tried everything. i finally got it under control by alternating biweekly acne facials(decongesting facial with tesla current---high frequency current used to kill bacteria so you don't breakout like what usually happens after a facial) and glycolic peels. In between, I used gentle skincare products(Decleor or acne/oily skin products from Glass Onoin/Mirra Fleur---sold at Prickly apple). My acne was under control so I went in for laser treatments to smooth out my skin(had acne scars and pitts from past breakouts). This was a huuuuuuge mistake. I orig wanted to get CO2 laser resurfacing, but the Doctor talked me into the more costly and less invasive Fraxel Laser Treatments!!! It ruined my face!!!! It aggravated my skin and I ended up with the most severe cystic acne breakout ever. It was horrifying. Friends and Family were shocked and could not hold back. I turned into a recluse and did not want to leave the house. The doctor and NP said it was normal and kept making me continue the treatments. It just got worse each time. Finally, I said no way and discontinued treatment. The cystic acne cleared up, but now I am left with horribly scarred skin. I feel very vain and stupid for undergoing Fraxel in the first place. I heard it works well for some people, though, so for those that have had success, congrats, but please be careful if you consider this course of treatment.

Also, on a side note, they tried IPL/Blue light with Levulan to treat the breakouts, but it didn't work. I just used tea tree oil cleanser(from Trader Joes) and Tazorac Gel 0.1%(Px from another derm). This help to clear up remaining stubborn cysts from the Fraxel. I'm now on the Tea Tree cleanser, little bit of Tazorac(it's helping to smooth out and refine those scars while keeping acne at bay) and an Antioxidant serum. I'm going to resume my acne facials and glycolic peels this Friday. I'm sticking to that from now on. lol.

Sorry this was so long. :P


Nov 17, 2006
ok I think the best advice is to see a dermatologist, not a cosmotologist or anything like that sort beautician etc etc will do you no good. Speaking as a person who has struggled with her skin all her life and I've just come off of accutane... I think accutane was the most effective acne treatment for me however, there are some side effects you should think of and also, alot of times post accutane will leave you with scars... You can PM if you want more information. is a great place to visit and there is a regimen there that you can try out. It was very helpful to me when I was in my teens but then I had a serious outbreak of adult acne nwo that i'm in my 20s and it has to be handled with accutane.


Jul 2, 2006
or you can change your daily food intake like take more leafy greens and fruits. i drink a glass of kale juice every morning and find that it does help in keeping zits away. then again, there are many factors that could contribute to the zits, it is best to see a dermatologist if nothing works.