Acne jensen boots

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Grained or calfskin ?

  1. Grained

    8 vote(s)
  2. Calfskin

    4 vote(s)
  1. Hello ladies,
    I am looking for a pair of everyday booties! Does any of you own the Acne jensen boots? I saw them and i like a lot but i worry because i saw in many pictures that their leather broke after a lot of use! What do you think? Additionally i don't know if i should buy the grained of the calfskin leather!
    Thank you in advance for your help

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  2. I don't own these, but have heard good things about them, which is why they are still around year after year. All shoes will wear down if you wear them daily for a long period of time. Good thing is that quality shoes should last you 2 or 3x as long as cheap shoes under these circumstances, esp if you care for them.

    As for which leather, I personally like smooth better, only b/c my wardrobe is mostly professional or classic clothing, and smooth works better imo. but if i wear a very trendy piece of clothing, e.g. a pair of unfinished hem jeans with studs, it can also work. don't get me wrong, the grained is beautiful too, but the texture gives me more of an edge (notice in pic, that's how they're styled), so if your wardrobe is missing that quality in a boot, or if you are personally looking for that slight edginess, go for the grained. no hard and fast rule as they are both beautiful and well made, so you cant make a bad choice.
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  3. I own these shoes in grained leather and I love them so much. Wore them for a couple of years almost every single day (in all seasons really). They're just so comfy and bring an edgy touch so they quickly became my go to. After two years now they started squeeking a bit due to the heavy use so I'm considering getting a new pair but it's a hefty price to pay so I'll try to fix the pair I got first.

    The leather never broke but again I have the grained leather ones. I wear them for a casual style but also to the office (with the right outfit they give you a professional look as well). I wear them with tailored pants, jeans, skirts, dresses. They fit all my outfits.
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  4. I love Acne Studios and I love this boot, so it pains me that I have been a bit disappointed with its wear. The leather itself is fine and the shoe is quite sturdy. But one thing I love about the Jansen is the "metallic" detailing, which I also thought would add to its resilience, as it would protect the point from wear. To be fair, it does do that, but I was surprised to realize it is not metal at all, and it peels off and looses its shine and metallic quality too quickly...
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  5. That's true! I forgot this issue. The "metal" peels off, mine became kinda rusty looking somehow but to be honest it's not super obvious so it bothered me in the beginning and then I just forgot about it. And I think it peeled after a full year of use.
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  6. I have these in the smooth leather. I love them. They go with everything, pants, skirts, jeans. However, I don’t find them very comfortable. Maybe is the narrow toe? Maybe is my foot? Maybe is the smooth leather? I really can’t say, but after a whole day in them, I’m glad that I can take them off. Still in love after 2 years, though! It’s true that the metal part gets “rusty”, but it’s not really noticeable.
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  7. These are some of my fave shoes! I bought the grained ones about 3 years ago & SO happy I did. I wear to work business casual and also on the weekends with jeans/dresses. I think because of the grainy leather I can get away with more, they don't show as much wear.
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  8. I also have the black grained version from about 2 years ago. I do love the style but just like I also don’t find them very comfortable. In fact I rarely reach for them (although it does fill a style hole when I find none of my other black ankle boots work with certain outfits/looks).
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  9. i have them in suede (more sophisticated look to me)....very comfortable but not as comfy as A.Wang's...they're a little wider so my feet don't fit as snug.
    i like the metal tip that just makes the shoes more unique.
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  10. D
    Did you get them?
  11. I have two pair both in calf leather and have not had any issues with either pair.
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  12. I have just seen all these answers to this tread! I finally end up to a pair of suede Saint Laurent booties! I still love them an are on my wishlist for sure :smile:
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  13. Thank you so much for your comment! I didin't buy them yet because i am not so sure but your comment was very helpful!:smile:
  14. Yes i agree with you! Finally grained leather seems better to me too!I am still thinking aboyt them so your comment was very helpful!!!
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  15. I am thinking to buy them for daily use so the fact that they are not so comfortable is an issue! But i love them too :smile: Thank you for your comment!!!
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