acne help

  1. I was wondering if anyone here knows of any good acne books that help you heal from the inisde and out... I need help here.. Ive tried everything!!!!! Im 23 and its only getting worse... Thanks
  2. I used to break out a lot!! But then I started to drink more water (LOTS of water) and I used honey as a face mask HAHA it sounds gross but it really works well
    I just got honey and mixed it with a little bit of cinnamon and applied it to problem areas. it worked wonders
    water is most important though i think
  3. It sounds like you've tried a lot of stuff: does this include Accutane? I've heard that medicine does wonders.
  4. Drink lots of water, eat lots of leafy green vegetables, and if you drink milk try stopping for a little while. My friend stopped drinking milk after a while because the hormones were too much for her. I'm not sure if this would help you, but it's worth a shot. Try the aspirin mask with honey or aloe vera gel. (I recommend honey if your skin is on the dry side) The key is to keep the inside of your body clean and healthy, so water is the KEY ingredient to clear skin. If you drink enough water it will flush out the bad toxins. Just avoid drinking TONS in a short amount of time, that would obviously flush out the good toxins too and that could be fatal.
  5. Accutane really helped me. Not if there is any possibility of getting pregnant anytime soon, though!

    The other thing that really helped was the green mint julep mask (queen helene?) from drugstores. I leave it on overnight on problem areas. (My breakouts are hormonal mostly, around chin area). I think the mask has sulphur in it.
  6. Have you tried Accutane? Before you try it got to an endocrinologist and get your hormones checked. I had acne in my twenties and tried EVERYTHING ( i mean everything). I finally did some research and suspected the the culprit was hormones. The blood tests from my endo confirmed it. My doc put me on spiro (been on it for 3 years) and now my skin in PERFECT.
  7. If you have serious acne problems, the only thing that will get rid of it is accutane. I suffered for it for 10 years before going on accutane & it cured me. I also had deep acne scars so I recently had Fraxel Laser Treatment to get rid of them. If you have any questions about either send me a pm & I would be more than happy to tell you about my experiences.
  8. ive really thought about accutane and then my mom said accutane is used to shrink your pores so you dont break out anymore.. This means that once you get older you will wrinkle a lot faster than usual because you dont have oily skin anymore... BE CAREFUL of that! As for all the other information thank you sooo much I will try the honey for sure and drink more water and green veges.thanks :smile:
  9. Sorry to tell you this, but what your mom said is very much incorrect. Even though I used Accutance & has been about 8 years since I stopped taking it, I still have oily skin

  10. See a dermotologist! My friend has had acne for over 10 years and it wouldn't go away. So she finally decided to go to a derm and they have these specific creams and medicine for her and now it's all gone! It worked like wonders. :yes:
  11. agreed with the water, fruits, and veges - detoxing is the first step toward better skin. VITAMIN C!
  12. H20 has helped my skin out a LOT... stay away from nuts (I break out easily when I eat them).... and I may sound like a commercial.. but ProActiv used for at least 4 months or more.. has helped my sister & I out a TON... i swear by that stuff. :yes:
  13. ive tried pro activ, tazorac cream, retin a , retin a micro, microderm, as well as other products i swear ive tried EVERYTHING ive been to the derm at least 7 times over the past 3 years! and nothing works on my skin... sucks.. im going to try SPIRO pills maybe and try aspirin masks with honey! thanks all
  14. accutane has alot of risks but it did wonders for my skin i did a 6 month treatment at the age of 22 its been almost 3 yrs after n my skin looks great i still get one or two pimples every now and then but thats normal my skin is also less oily u prob best bet to do it tho is once the summer is over