Acne & Facials

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  1. I'm about to have my first facial in a week... I have a question about them. I have mild acne (not too bad, the majority of it are just scars now) does anyone have any stories about it? Did it work for you?
  2. Are u talking about the facials where they pick at ur face with that little double ended stick? If you are...i'd think twice about doing that. I've had friends that had mild acne do facials thinking it would make thier face better...when in reality they look like **** for 2 weeks (the grl will literally pick ur pimples with the needle end) with scabs and redness everywhere. And then 2 weeks later they're back at the facial place.
    My mom made me go do that once, for my was painful and yes my face was clear for maybe 2 weeks but it was also red and i looked like a monster.
  3. No, it isn't that one.
  4. i would assume the person who does your facial will adjust the treatment to your needs. from my experience they always customize it upon examining your skin. my skin is very sensitive and gets irritated easily, and i sometimes have minor breakouts... and i've never had a bad facial experience. i don't think a good esthetician would give you a treatment that's not suitable for your skin.
  5. I had acne and even the best facials in town aggravated the problem. Later a change in lifestyle and diet did wonders, though.
  6. My skin is like yours, and my one and only facial was like this experience above!! It hurt, and made my skin not so good:sad:
  7. This is just my personal opinion but if you have mild acne & you want something that really will help your skin & get it looking good get microdermabrasion.

  8. Your post cracks me up. :lol:
  9. I get a facial every six months or so. Luckily I have not had a bad experience so far. I get a pimple or two afterwards and my face is a little red in some areas for a couple of hours, but I think that's normal.

    The esthetician should not be picking at your face or aggravating visible eruptions. You need to find a good esthetician that knows what she's doing. Also, if you are using good facial products most of your black heads and oil pockets should come up easily. Most spas offer specific facials for acne prone skin (enzyme, skin calming, oil free products, etc). I would shop around and read reviews online if possible. Don't just go to anyone... I think that's where the problems might come in.
  10. It's someone I met and appears to be REALLY reputable in the city. She's been doing it for over ten years now, and has A LOT of regulars. We already discussed it, and she told me she wouldn't force me to get a chemical peel because my case isn't that severe. O believe each session is about an hour and a half.
  11. ^^ That sounds about right. My sessions are an hour. As long as she knows up front that you have sensitive skin and that this is your first time you should be okay. You should not look "beat up" after a facial. I've heard of women being bruised or red for days. That is not they way it's supposed to be done. Also, be sure not to schedule your appointment during a week when you have somewhere important to go. Like I said, I usually get a pimple or two a couple of days after.
  12. What kind of facials? I'm sure with most you have the option to get extractions done. Those do make your face look really terrible for the first couple days, but it clears up soon (or should). I remember the first time I had extractions done my face looked like a red pickle. :throwup: And also don't forget that one facial isn't going to do wonders. You can get the best results by going in every 3-4 weeks.
  13. i had severe acne and european facials cleared my skin right away. as early as my first visit but i think it all depends on your technician my friend use to go to this other tech and her face showed no changes until she switched to my technician. i really think my tech is a God send, i'm not even joking. i had such terrible acne, it was to the point where i did not like to leave the house. i would always sit in the back of class and i would pray in church for God to heal my face. everyone else is in church praying for health and wealth and i'm praying for my acne to go away. i tried everything and nothing helped, not proactive, not the three dermatologist i went to, not even glycolic peels, nothing worked for me until i started getting facials. the first time i went to my tech she charged me for a 1hr session and she spent about two hours on my face and then asked me to come in the next week so she could finish my entire face at no extra charge. you can tell she really enjoys what she does, and she cares about your skin. she is the one that talked me into dermalogica products that hold me over in between facials. my tech does prick my face with a needle but i never get any scabs, you should see the before and after pics they are amazing. people even stop me on the street and ask about my skin and i always give them her number. acne is so depressing, so whatever you can do to clear it up do it just make sure you find a good tech who actually enjoys what she does.
  14. ^^^You don't live in Chicago do you??
  15. Where did u go? It sounds like u went to the wrong place.