Acne + Big Pores = Laser or Peel??? Advice Please

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  1. I never suffered the teenage acne thing, but as I near 30 my face is breaking out all of the time. I have tried every product under the sun. Either the products make it worse, don't work, or only work for a few weeks.

    I am really starting to feel badly. Each month my face errupts in ugliness. My pores are huge. I am not any medication of any sort. I am a redhead with pale skin, I take good care of myself. This seriously sucks.

    I have made an appointment with a plastic surgeon that speciailzes in skin- lasers and peels. Has anyone else tried one of these methods? Did it work?

    I would rather did one big procedure vs six mini ones. Money is always an issues, most bang for buck. Thanks in advance- Trisha
  2. I think you made a wise choice going to see a plastic surgeon. I went to a dermatologist for years and she didn't have the level of expertise that my new PS has.

    I get the chemical peels at her office about every 4 -6 weeks. She does not offer laser treatments, however, I used to get them at my dermatologist's office. I honestly don't know if one is better than the other, but I now have lovely skin. Either way, I don't think you can go wrong.