acne atacoma or alternative?

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  1. So, recently, I've gotten it into my head that I need a pair of black wedge booties. I love the acne atacomas, but they cost $600, and I'm not sure if I really need them or not, cuz I already have a pair of the sam edelman zoe's, and they seem functionally similar.

    Anyway, what do you guys think? Should I got for the acne's? Do you know of a cheaper alternative? Do I just not need them at all?
  2. Jeffrey Campbell has that same style of wedge boots too- the price is far less than the atacomas yet I think the original Acne version is the best...
  3. those are sold out...
  4. The Acne's are far, far better in quality than the Sam Edelman's (leather looks extremely cheap & lacking in quality, although it is pretty comfortable) or JC's 99 boot (JC's knock-off of the Acne Atacoma, I had ordered a pair and the smell fresh from the box was soooo pungent, like direct from a Chinese factory, the leather & construction just scream cheap, fit was off, and also the shape/proportion/heel height are totally different from the Acne Atacoma).
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    Perhaps you'd like to try Jeffrey Campbell's Clinic? They will only be restocked next month though.

    Finsk's ponyskin wedge has been quite popular. You can email and buy directly from them.

    Or perhaps BCBG's Mendel boots? That is if you can still find them on Ebay or a store near you.
  6. I have both the Acne and the Sam Edelman's that you are talking about and I notice that I tend to lean towards the Acne's more, they are less subtle .. a lot more comfortable and like the others said, honestly the quality is better. The Zoe's are very trendy where I think the Acne's are much more wearable (Even with the harness off of the Zoe's). I hope this helps you in some way.