Acne around mouth and nose - EEEEK!


Jun 12, 2007
Washington, DC
I've always had problems with acne. Usually, the Pill and retin-a keep the zits at bay though. 3 weeks ago, I went to CA (I live in VA) and immediately broke out around my mouth (where smile lines are, not actually on my mouth) and the sides of my nose. They went away about 2 weeks later, and left annoying red marks that were dry and peely, like all my zits do when they're going away.

But, today I noticed that instead of going away, some of the red spots were turning back into pimples!! :cursing: How can I get these zits to die?! They look AWFUL because they're near my mouth and nose. I use spot concealer to hide them. My foundation covers them, but I'm afraid that it might also be making them worse, so I'm not using it right now. I haven't been touching my face, and I wash all my makeup off as soon as I get home from work. Any advice on how to get rid of them? I don't want to use extra retin-a because the skin is already a little peely. They are so embarassing and gross, why can't they just be on my forehead instead of near my mouth?! :sad:


Sep 10, 2006
In the south
I was told that pimple around the mouth were preimarily due to hormone flucuations. Have you changed pills/dosages/brand recently? Additionally, if you're on the phone a lot at work, be sure wipe it down frequently as make-up, oil, etc. can transfer from it to your face.

I'm sorry you're going through this honey :hugs: I personally would put extra retain-a micro on them to get rid of them asap.


Jun 12, 2007
Washington, DC
I was told that pimple around the mouth were preimarily due to hormone flucuations. Have you changed pills/dosages/brand recently?
Nope, I've been on Ortho-Tri-Cyclen Lo for years. The only change recently is that it's crazy humid out, but I don't spend a lot of time outside (office job). The breakout did start the week before my period, which is normal. But, usually my PMS breakout goes away as soon as my period ends. My period isn't due for another two weeks (TMI, sorry!), so maybe that has something to do with the recurrence?

What is the difference between retin-a gel (what I use) and retin-a micro?


Jun 1, 2008
I had something similar back when I was on Retin-a. Red rashy looking around my mouth and nose and little white pimples...then everything would dryout and peel. My doc thought it might be the flouride in my toothpaste. However the only change that seemed to help was stopping the Retin-A for a few weeks. Maybe due to the hummidty or heat more of the retin-a is collecting around that area or causing more irritation than usual?

If you can take a break from it, try it for a week and see if that clears up then talk to the doc. We've been trying different versions/brands since then to see what is going to work best with my skin, no winner yet.


wallet whore
Aug 20, 2006
Indianapolis, IN
I sometimes get this I get so embarrassed!! I use neutrogena 8 hour acne treatment at night after washing and put on the spots and in te mornig they are alot clearer and not so red! Or even Mary Kay acne solutions is great


Sep 26, 2006
New York, NY
I used to get a few pimples every month around that time, and it's usually in my chin area around my mouth. But ever since I started using DDF's glycolic toner, I haven't gotten any. :biggrin: It's def worth a try.