1. So I was thinking of getting either the wapity (in mc or mono, I was thinking of black mc so I could have a little variety?) but then I spotted the okapi in damier (is the pm the same size as the wapity?) and now I can't decide....which one would you choose if you were me?
  2. I personally think the wapity is so cute. Go for the black if you have too much white. They mix and match perfectly!
  3. I think the wapity is cute too. I like it because it is different!
  4. the wapity is cute but iv always thought its way to small for me to justify it. MC is very cute though.
  5. I am considering both myself, how funny! I want an MC piece, but I love damier. I do believe they are similar in size. I think the Okapi has a shoulder strap though. I may ust go in and look...
  6. The Okapi is great.
  7. I'd get the Wapity in black MC.
  8. mc black
  9. If I had to choose, it would be the wapity, black MC. Its a great little accessory piece...
  10. Wapity! I liked my white MC wapity so much that I decided I needed a black MC one as well.:rolleyes:
  11. Not sure what you own already to coordinate it with, but I have the black MC wapity and used it for several months for cosmetics. Then I replaced it with the trunks and bags pochette, which honestly works better for cosmetics, so now the wapity is waiting patiently in the closet for its next assignment. Any ideas? It really is a cutie-pie!
  12. I love anything black MC. I would go with the wapity because it's super cute.
  13. I had never seen the Okapi! VERY cute. Love the long strap. Much as I love damier I prefer my accessories to pop so I can find them in my bag. The zipper placement is different, wonder which would be easier to use? Think you would be happy with either choice. I popped my wapity in my speedy for my road trip and used it for a mini bag on a couple occasions.
  14. Can you remove the long strap of the Okapi? I was looking at the Cite PM as a Wapity alternative, but the strap is permanently attached. :sad:
  15. ^ OH - have found the answer to my own question! Yep the long strap is removable.. this is fantastic! Another one for the wishlist..! :push: