Ack, Which One Should I Accept?

  1. Alrighty, I have a bag listed and I received two offers this morning for the exact same amount, which is around what I wanted for the bag. Neither buyer has negative feedback at all. The first one has 29 fb, and came in about 1 hour and 15 mins before the second one. The second buyer has 44 fb, and has even emailed me and sounds super sweet, and she happened to miss out on this bag during one of the sales recently. Should I take the first buyer, simply because she pleaced her offer first... or the second since she sounds like she might be easy to work with (selling designer bags is new to me and I'd hate to get an awful buyer).
  2. I would email the 1st buyer and ask how quickly she can pay. If she pays immediately, take her offer. If she stalls and says she can't pay you right away, go with the 2nd offer.
  3. That's a great idea! I usually automatically go with the offer that came in first, but I think I am just paranoid selling a higher-end item.
  4. It seems the most fair to give the first one the opportunity to buy it. If she backs out, then on to the second one.
  5. Yup, definitely agree with lori!
  6. I differ a bit-- I would go with whoever you want to work with/ deal with. You have invited others to make offers, from which you may select whomever you wish. I get the first come idea, but it's not an auction :smile:
  7. That's what I was gonna say too.
  8. Gosh, this is tricky, isn't it?

    I must admit that I'd be inclined to want to go with the one who sent the nice email and seems to really want the bag. :yes:

    BTW, if you have two identical offers, is there anything to stop you asking for a higher offer from each of them to break the tie?

    I'm not suggesting you should do this, I just wondered if it was allowed?

    After all, if you were selling items on a stall and two buyers were standing in front of you at the same time, offering the same amount, isn't it likely that one of them would then outbid the other and that is the one you'd sell to? :shrugs:

    Having said that, if it was a shop, it would normally be first come first served, wouldn't it? Even if the first one was only seconds before the second.

    I think it really depends on whether you view all of the offers on the table as being of equal standing, until you decide to pick one, or whether you believe that the earlier offer always takes priority.

    What a dilemma! :push:
  9. i would counter higher to both of them and see who accepts first.
  10. I totally agree with this - or just counter with the first - if she doesn't want to go higher take the second one =)
  11. I think it would be fair to let the first one have the bag, although the second buyer sounds sweet. I would e-mail the first and ask her about payment and how she will pay.
  12. If I had made an offer to buy and was turned down, then saw that the seller accepted the same offer from someone else who made the same offer an hour later, I would be really, really angry!
  13. Me too.
  14. me three!! I would counter them both for a few bucks more and the first to accept wins!?!? :wlae:
  15. I agree