ACK! View Pics and Please Advise!!!

  1. Got the Dior Trotter Romantique Small Boston in Beige yesterday from Woodbury and I was not immediately wowed by it :sad:

    I hadn't seen it IRL and I love everything else about the bag, including the dainty, feminine touch of the velvet... but I absolutely detest the flower!

    So I took Ceremony's advice and cut the petals down since she showed pics and hers came out great. But when I tried to do it - I made a total mess out of it! :crybaby:

    So now it looks terrible because the cheap tulle (that the petals are made of) are fraying and the green and yellow stuff's sticking out. :yucky:

    So... I was thinking of the following:

    1. Removing the flower altogether and gluing or sewing the velvet bow securely onto the canvas to cover the remaining hole (since the flower's bolted on).

    2. Removing the flower and replacing the hole with a nice but small brooch - the kind with one pin that has the squeeze-type backing. Or maybe use a Dior pendant, earring or chain?

    3. Leave the flower on and deal with it - including questions of... Nice bag but what the %^&* is that pink thing???

    What do you guys think???
    drior trotter romantique boston small.JPG 2007_05042007May0011.JPG 2007_05042007May0010.JPG 2007_05042007May0013.JPG 2007_05042007May0012.JPG
  2. Awww, I'm so sorry that happened. It is a gorgeous bag. If the hole isn't too big, I'd go for the first suggestion of sewing the bow down to cover the hole. I hope you're able to fix it.
  3. I would leave it--better not to damage the gorgeous bag any further! I think it looks great! don't worry about it and enjoy
  4. Maybe I should take this somewhere to have it sewn down professionally? And there may be a problem with the way the front handle strap swivels down when the bag's resting on a surface - see pic #3. I appreciate your help, fashion_guru!!!
  5. Thanks Uhkiwi - my mind's telling me to step away from the scissors but if you could see this bag IRL... the flower and its green and yellow innards (i forget - it's where bees get the nectar from) STICK OUT big time like 3D and really ruin the uniform look of the bag! I wish you could see what I mean - hard to convey in 1 dimensional pics... :cursing:

  6. That's smart, I'd take it to a professional and see if they can do anything to help fix the situation. Although, if you don't mind having a brooch there you could replace the flower with something you like better. Let us know what you decide.
  7. To cover the hole, maybe I can use something silver-toned that's Dior? Has anyone seen any jewelry, brooches, etc. in the outlets?
  8. Perhaps you could take a gander to the craft store and see if there's any replacement flower which would match the romantique bag (and is something which you would like/prefer better)?

    or a chanel camelia flower? ;)
  9. I think you can do option #1, but don't make any hold to your bag. Try to cut the flower in small piece at a time and again don't make any hold to your bag, just do it slowly, then you will get all the flower fabric off, you may see the glue or a little of fabric stick to the bag. That's ok. Then you can glue the bow onto the spot, try to open the end of bow so that it will cover the spot. That's a start, if it does not work, you can do option #2 or go to the professional, but at least you should finish it up, remember try to not make any hold to the bag at all. Well the flower does not bottle me but you're already started, you need to finish it up, it's kind of look unfinish now.
    Good luck!
  10. i would replace the flower. gluing the bow might not work too well
  11. do #3!
  12. Hmmm... I wonder if I can attach one of these charms somehow - maybe not make a hole, but attach a charm somehow onto a small part of remaining flower fabric :shrugs: Think it could be done?
    dior charm.jpg dior pin.jpg
  13. To zerodross, kimle888, pinknyanko and cherrieblossom: thank you so much for taking the time to look at the pics and give me advice!
  14. i think u should do #2
    take out all the flowers then maybe attach braclet or some sort of keychain like this:[​IMG]


    hopefully that can cover the area the flower was attached..
  15. You don't want to put something nice near the flower area since you don't want to draw attention to that area. You would want to cover it up and make the area less attention and less busy as much as possible. you would want to draw attention to the bow only, so I think the only choice you have is to use the bow that is there to cover up. You don't want to make that area looks too busy. Good luck!!! I just don't want to see the nice bag to be ruined.