Ack - passed on the dentelle speedy in the store, now I can have it for less...

  1. A colleague offered me her Dentelle silver speedy for about $150 less than retail. Initially I had passed the speedy I had waitlisted for over in the store because I wasn't that much into the stitching thing, but I saw it on a woman a few weeks ago and it looked gorgeous!! Now I'm thinking about it again. Should I or should I not?? :shrugs:
    I already have (among many others) a damier 30, azur 25 and cerises speedy, but it's my fave shape of LV. Hmmmmmm. Here's a pic of what I have so far (excluding other noes, a trocadero and a marly):

  2. Cute collection! Ah, get it!
  3. Yes, get it!
  4. I decided against her at first, so I'm not sure... I even returned a gold ludlow, but that's a different item...
    I've been looking at old threads and they do look great, I don't really remember why I declined!!
    Now if I still didn't like her I could sell her I suppose... aaack!
  5. Get it!!!!

    I've used my purse everyday since I got it, it still looks brand new you have to get it this is set to be a Vuitton classic IMO

    GET IT!!
  6. If you really think you'll still like it, get it. As you said, if you don't end up liking it when you get it, you can always resell it.
  7. I would just go for it. Like other's have said. If you don't fall completely in love it - you can always sell it.
  8. hehe..get your collections..
  9. ^lol
    not a cautious bunch, are we? :smile:
  10. Get It !!
  11. I'd get it! I was so upset that I passed it up the first time I saw it! Now it's gone!! They are very pretty!
  12. I would get something from the Dentelle line, I think it's really interesting. BTW LOVE the green Balenciaga! :heart:
  13. Get it while you can...
  14. Get it! You're obviously a Speedy lover!
  15. You could probably sell it for more than you'll pay... you know like $100 below retail... you could make $50 on it ... LOL. I'm making up excuses for you, so you should definitely go ahead and get it.