Ack! My fault probabl: non paying seller

  1. I recently sold a vintage nine west bag that is actually very interesting shape (it reminds me of the uniqueness of the mini sac hl of vuitton) and the buyer said she would send payment through the mail. I was trying to be nice and waited a long time, and its now 18 days later, I'm assuming thats about 12 business days. Because I haven't emailed her for payment I'm now afraid that she's going to accuse me of not delivering the item. At the same time I suspect that she's a deadbeat bidder.

    It's my fault, I shouldn't have waited so long to email. What is the best way to resolve the situation.
  2. oops I meant non paying bidder
  3. File a non-paying bidder form on eBay. They will contact her.
  4. Also if you wish, after the transaction is done through eBay, leave her negative feedback and block her from your future auctions.
  5. Yeah get eBay into action for non payment - I normally find once you do that things start moving fast
  6. At the most ebay will just refund you the final value fee but the frustration and money spent on relisting the item is such a pain. Sometimes i wish ebay would suspend these buyers for non-payment. :rant:
  7. Wait, why you've to affraid she accuse you not ship the item while she's not forward payment yet? As the normal trading term: buyer send payment & seller ship item.

    Don't affraid about it! You'd to get your right ( receive payment in time )
  8. npb, don't play games.
  9. I'd also file an NPB. Once someone has a few of these, they can be removed from Ebay. It is a win win for you - either the reminder makes them pay, or they ignore it & your final value fees are credited to your account, and you usually get a free relist.

    It is possible that your buyer will get annoyed and leave you a negative, but they can only do this if they respond to the Non Paying Bidder process.

    And it's not your fault for waiting too long - you were giving them the benefit of the doubt, as a nice seller!