ACK!!!! Murphy's!

  1. Ok, I have three wristlets in total that I switch depending on which bag I am carrying. I keep my lipgloss, chapstick, nail clippers, etc in them for 2 to keep them all together, two, to protect the insides of my bags in case of a lipgloss mess. I've never in my life had a lipgloss leak. WELL...I FINALLY get a legacy-lined wristlet and GUESS what????? My lipgloss broke off from like the neck of it and I have light pink on the inside of my pretty legacy wristlet. :sad: I wiped it off the best I could but I can still see it. Does anyone know what I can use to take it off??? It's only an area about the size of a penny maybe but it's going to bother the you know what out of me!WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cursing:
  2. Oh no!!! I never had any leakage but I feel for you because I am almost afraid to use my wristlets w/the legacy lining!!! I read on this board that baby wipes work; I'm sure others will give you good info, I just wanted to say I'm so sorry this happened!
  3. Baby wipes???? :wlae: I HAVE THOSE!!!!! LOL!!!!

    *running upstairs to steal one from the baby*

    Thanks! I'll let you know if it works!!!!
  4. I have heard of baby wipes and don't use it until you hear from someone else but I think people have used a tide pen! :tup:
  5. Did it work?
  6. oh, no! if the baby wipe or tide pen doesn't work try a cool washcloth w/ a mild soap on it. good luck!
  7. :yahoo: Baby wipes worked!!!!!!! YAY!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!! :okay:
  8. I'm so happy to hear that the baby wipes worked! That is such a good tip
  9. i was going to suggest a mr. clean eraser but no need.
    hooray for babies and baby wipes!!:happydance:
  10. YEAH!!! I am glad!!! Good to know for all of us!!!
  11. i too have plenty of those lying around...they are so handy! it's good to know that they work so well!
  12. Sorry to hear, try using baby wipes :smile:
  13. Baby wipes do miracles;)
  14. Yep, baby wipes are totally the first line of defense in any and all purse disasters!
  15. i don't have a baby, but i bought baby wipes a couple days after getting my first coach. haven't had to use them yet, & i hope i never do, but i have them just in case. (in case, i get a stain, not a baby.) lame joke i know. lol. i'm so cheesy!!!!!!!!