ACK, more bluefly madness gals!!!

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  1. i've got these in my shopping bag: :tender:

    white GH part time
    truffle GH brief
    cinnamon silver GH messenger

    if anyone wants one, just lemme know & i'll release 'em...they usually re-appear within seconds of deleting them from the shopping doing this i was hoping to help out some of my tPF friends :heart:
  2. I just tried the brief the other day -it's really a great messenger bag - someone get it!
  3. ^^ oh noooooooooooooo, darn bluefly took them out of my cart :crybaby:...i guess it had been over 1 hour since i put them in there, but at least i tried...just keep refreshing gals, they're constantly popping up over the last few days :tender:
  5. ^^ awe, thanks girl, good luck :tup:
  6. Oh whew...I thought they put up some new bags...thank goodness...I don't need to spend any more money right now! *lol* These same bags have been popping up periodically the last few days [ETA...oops I see that you already mentioned that, aaa. ;) ]. I think people just keep putting them in their cart and then not following through.

    I'm surprised that the cinnamon GH messenger bag keeps coming up...I would have thought that people would want that one, since it's a new style and a nice color. I'm guessing this may be an indication that it's not going to be a best seller for Balenciaga!! The flat messenger w/RH also has not been popular...the prices on those keep getting lower and lower on eBay and some online places.
  7. Does anyone want this? It's in my cart for the next hour~ if you want me to release it let me know!!!

  8. aaallabama, guys are too sweet...looking out for your fellow PF'er :flowers:
  9. tons of GH on bluefly right now!

    No rh.... :sad: