Ack! Mine shipped too!!!

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  1. My black pleated satchel shipped today, estimated delivery date April 9. Woo hoo. Now I will need to have one of those matching pleated wristlets!!!
    black pleated ergo.jpg
  2. oooo exciting donnalynn! i can't wait to see it... i'll have to agree w/you also, i'm definitely getting a matching wristlet!! :tup:
  3. Please post a mod pic! im considering black, navy or white and would love to see it on an arm!
  4. OH BOY!!!!!! MORE eye candy for us!!!!! I can't WAIT for yours to come!!! :smile:
  5. yay! i'm getting the same one too! and a wristlet hopefully...can't wait to see yours!
  6. Can't wait to see! I want a wristlet - the pleats are gorgeous!
  7. A wristlet? OMG. I can't wait to see it!! And the Pleated Ergos are beautiful! I cannot wait to see her!
  8. So happy for ya! I think every pleated satchel Coach made is going to belong here on the PF!
  9. Oooo thats pretty.
  10. yeah!!!! doing the happy dance for you !!!! :yahoo:
  11. Gorgeous bag - can't wait to see your pics - I'd love to see modeling pics too please....
  12. This is so exciting! I love rainbow of pleated Ergo satchels that are on the way! I am so happy to hear your bag is coming soon!
  13. After all that drama, my new order number is still identified as "no info found". Hopefully there will be some info on Monday.
  14. Congrats!! I can't wait to see pics of this bag in black. I am considering it in Navy, Black, and Burnt Orange.

    Please take some pics of you carrying it as a satchel!! :flowers:
  15. yes!!! I just (at 2:55am ET) got my email confirmation that my package shipped. Funny enough when I enter the order number online it STILL says no info available.

    It will be here April 9th by 4:30pm. Since it is a Wednesday I would be here with the kids all day anyway, so it looks like another day to stalk FedEx. I can't wait!