Ack! It's a Ebay nightmare....

  1. I bought a Original Print Stellina on eBay that was advertised as "never used, mint condition" and it arrived to me very dirty/stained with the nose rubbed off of the Qee. I sent a message to the seller stating my concerns hoping to resolve this issue and he sent me back the nastiest message. I am so frustrated. I guess I need to file an "Item not as described" claim with eBay. What happens next? What can I expect? I don't want this nasty seller to leave me negative feedback as well. :crybaby:
  2. oh noooooooooooo!!!!! I would post this on the eBay forum for more help too... they are really knowledgeable there.

    How did you pay for it? I got pretty good results with doing a 'item not described' thru paypal instead of ebay, bc that's where I paid thru... I immediately filed the first thing thru paypal after I got no response from the seller... and explained the situation thoroughly, and said repeatedly that I had pictures to back it up.

    If you paid for it by a CC, you can do a chargeback, but they might investigate it first... either way you have to wait... :push:
  3. gabes_mommy : I am so sorry you had to go through this. I've been in your shoes and knows exactly how you feel. Since you have already started communication with the seller and he/she was uncooperative, the best thing to do next is to file SNAD (Significantly Not As Described) - this can only be done after 7 days has passed since the end of the auction.

    Here's the link for more info on how to begin the process:


    Immediately after filing, escalate your dispute to a claim right away. The seller has 10 days to response to your claim and if Paypal favors you, you will get a refund (subject to seller's funds availability). However, if your purchase is covered by Buyer's Protection, you will recover all your money back, regardless if seller have enough money in his/her Paypal account.

    Here's info to find out whether you are covered by the program:

    Buyer Protection

    All the info given are only relevant if you pay with Paypal. Good Luck and kindly ask any questions you have and I am sure we are all here to help.
  4. What did the seller reply to you with? What was his excuse?
  5. She claims that the bag was in perfect condition when it left her and I must have damaged it myself out of "buyer's remorse" - I am so furious. It's bad enough that she lied and misrepresented her item, but not to attack me personally - it's just such BS. What should I do?
  6. take lots of pictures, and file a SNAD. she should have pics of how it looked before it left but probably doesn't
    wait,maybe the mailman borrowed it for a little while:wtf:
    hehe, i would file and send the bag back...
  7. what seller was that? I would avoid them like the plague and advise others to do the same. This obviously is not a trustworthy seller, and isnt very customer friendly to boot.

    I am so sorry you are having to go through this, it sucks!
  8. Did you use Paypal? If so, then you can file a dispute "Item Not As Described" immediately through your Paypal. There is no need to wait. Just go to your Paypal account and follow directions in their website. Do not go through eBay process if you paid using Paypal.
    I just bought something from eBay, and experienced the same situation as yours. Since I used Paypal for payment, I went directly to my Payapl account to file a dispute (after 7 days can escalate to a claim if seller does not respond). In the process, I communicated with the seller asking for full refund. (Did not bother communicating outside Paypal. I wanted all communication documented and tracked by Paypal.) I got my refund the next day.
    Remember, do not wait!
  9. Hello this is my first post and a friend directed me to this ebay forum/thread because I am a seller and I was about to sell my own tokidoki bags but before posting, I wanted to ID them first and know what season they came from.

    Check out this TokiDoki Blog tells you how to look out for FAKES, it has an archive of pretty much all the prints and types of bags available for past seasons AND it lists FAKE EBAY sellers. Maybe ur seller is on there too. lol.

    Hope this helps you and others as well!