ACK! I think I just complimented someone on a fake Chanel!

  1. I think I just complimented someone on a fake Chanel without realizing it was fake! I can't believe I did that. I saw someone who was wearing one of the vinyl coco cabas bags and I thought it looked great on her. So I said "love your bag ... I have one in leather" (I have a baby coco cabas), but then when I came home and checked out the reference links on people's coco cabas bags ... I noticed the chains were all silver and her's were gold! I assume that means it was a total fake?! If that's the case, I feel really bad about complimenting her on it and then going as far to say I had one similar! I hope she doesn't think I carry a fake too! :wtf: I feel really dumb now for saying something to her!
  2. You shouldn't feel dumb, you were just giving her a nice compliment. Besides, who knows, maybe it was a gift and she doesn't know it's a fake.
  3. For some reason this made me laugh. Don't fret, better to compliment a fake than call out an authentic as being fake.
  4. Haha I once did that to someone who had a fake Balenciaga. The thing is I KNEW it was a fake. It actually was extremely funny. It was someone who came into my work and I had to talk to. She was wearing a (fake) Bal and I was like ohhh I love Balenciaga too! I wanted to see what she would say cuz I knew hers was a fake, and a bad one at that. So I showed her my real one. The thing is, she thought her's was real! She said she got it from a friend for Christmas and her friend bought it at Barney's. I know it's mean but I was CRACKING up inside. She just had no clue who she was talking to hehehe. The bag had square bales for crying outloud!!! Anyway, I just let her have her fun. So it's cool if you complemented someone on their bag, fake or not. Most likely they probably think it's real haha.
  5. I'm sure she doesnt think you're bag is fake too. She probably thinks that she is actually fooling people!
  6. Oh well, just think maybe you made her day!;)
  7. Haha you know what i have a smiliar story. After i just got my black with black patent c's Cambon tote, my bf saw a girl at work that had a white large cambon tote and the black c's. However he knew it was fake because the logo was not on the corner of the bag, it was to the side but only in the front side. then the girl pulled out a matching fake wallet. now, he didn't know the wallet was fake but he decided to comment on her purse saying that 'my gf got the same purse not too long ago in black and it's really cute. and you have a matching wallet too! it must cost a lot of money huh, like 500 or 600 dollars?' (my bf doesn't know the actual price of the cambon wallet) and the girl said 'uh yeah it cost alot but when i bought the purse the wallet came with it' i was like :wtf:. and even my bf knew that was not possible and he realize it was both fake. when he told me the story we both started laughing. Funny how she played it as if it was authentic.

  8. ^I wish authentic Chanel purses came with free wallets!
  9. Free wallets sounds good! At least some come with free make-up bags!