ack help!

  1. I would go with the duffle only due to size - the auction there is for a demi/pounch which is pretty small. I have a pouch like that and I only use it for going out at night because it would never fit all my everyday crap!
  2. the black you mean? The item above isn't a demi pouch, it says it's a duffle, just different style
  3. I did mean the black. And maybe I'm loosing it, but the item pictured in the auction is not a duffle.
  4. Sometimes the people doing the auction dont know the formal name of the bag. I'm pretty that is a pouch and they are quite small. I would go with a black duffle. :smile:
  5. oooh okay! haha thanks guys :smile: :smile:
  6. It says it is a duffle, but the measurements are pretty small. It measures almost the same as what Coach calls a top handle pouch, which is listed as an accessory or cosmetic case on their website (not that it cannot be a small purse).

    In real life, the pouches wouldn't work for anything except evening for me, and I'd choose the actual duffle instead. A regular duffle measures about double the size of the eBay bag, and a medium duffle is even larger. But if you don't carry very much and love the bag, then go for it!
  7. I carry a crapload lol Thanks for clarifying :biggrin:
  8. Definitely the black duffle:smile::smile:
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