ACK! HELP! PARTY in 3 hours..SINGED!!

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  1. my eyebrow lady waxed my eyebrows after I distinctly asked her not to, and now the middle of my eyebrows and under my left one is raw pink. I don't own foundation, only LM tinted moisterizer but what should I do?:roflmfao: :crybaby:
  2. Do you have any concealer anywhere?
    Clinique makes a great one I use for this sometimes!
  3. oooh, I'm so sorry! You basically need to calm down that skin, and quickly. You can try a cool compress, that will help, cucumber slices do the same thing. I've also tried putting a little Neosporin on my brows after a wax, that did seem to reduce the redness a bit. Don't clog the area with makeup until you absolutely have to, that will just increase the irritation. I hope this helps!
  4. Ive actually iced the area once too....
  5. alrighty I'm icing the major part now, no cucumbers left in the house and I'm carless tonight. We'll see if my makeup skills are up to par in a bit!
  6. I agree with neosporin, also try aspirin.