ACK...Help me Out Please...

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  1. birthday is in less than 2 weeks. I was a big huge do-do head and gave my hubby a Balenciaga list. On that list was the following bags:

    Black city
    Vert gazon twiggy
    Ocean Step
    Marine twiggy
    Pine city

    With a request that the leather be slightly distressed, not veiny and must be thick. I only gave him 1 phone number to call: Balenciaga NY

    Now the quandry...I think there is a white Balenciaga box in the house. Please confirm that the only places to get a white Bal box are BalNY and Aloha Rag??????

    OK what are the odds that BalNY in the previous 21 days had a Vert Gazon twiggy?

    I have a chance to buy one right now...and if I wait the 10 days to my birthday it'll be gone.

    I just asked hubby if he bought me anything bright green and he won't answer.

    What would you ladies do??? I've been wanting this bag forever....and in the past 2 months this is the only one I've found. It's brand new, under me out ladies!!!!

    I could also buy a VG city (which I'd also like) which I found for sale....and then even if DH did find a VG twiggy it wouldn't be the same....

    I'm actually really hoping DH got me the black city since I seriously need a black bag so badly!
  2. Sorry, but I would peek and look at what it is. Then I would buy that VG twiggy.

    Or... I would call Balny and ask if they have had one recently.

    Let us know!!!!!
  3. By the way, as ominous as the "30th" Birthday can be, it's not that bad. I just turned 30 too. It is pretty liberating, honestly. the older I get, the more confidence I have. Plus I had the realization that my son will be 18 when I am 39! Isn't that crazy????

    I hope you are having a big fat party to celebrate!
  4. Maybe you can buy the VG twiggy now and if your gift is the same exchange it for a black city because they'll definitely have that.
    Happy Birthday, N!
  5. ^ I like simons's advice! Do that!
  6. YEs! Do that, buy the twiggy and if it is the same, trade it for a black city!!!!!
  7. I would totally have to peek and see what it was.
  8. Happy belated Shasta...and early Happy B-day tWiggers~! ... and how do you know for sure that there's a white bal box in the house .... must be a built in radar of some sort...:borg: thats t:huh: funny! I'd hold back on peeking in the box.. although.. (I'd probably would've peeked into it myself by now!) because when that time does come for you to open your present.. your reaction would be priceless to your DH. But I'd go with Shasta and call BalNy to see if they recently sold any Vert Gazon twiggys, & if not.. buy it.. but just make sure you could exchange it just in case DH did buy the VG~! How exciting!! keep us updated~!;)
  9. ITA with the few ladies here, buy the VG twiggy first & exchange it for the black city should DH bought u the VG twiggy!!! How can u deny the chance of owning your last waited bag, JMO!!!!
  10. I'd do some detective work with Bal NY - I'm sure if you got a sympathetic SA they would help you out with your quandry.
  11. Thanks everyone!!!! I know where all the presents are stashed and I promised my hubby I would not peek. However, I got down on hands and knees and saw a white box....and he told me the rough amount he I know he didn't get the Chanel on my list or the LVs on my list (plus LV is a brown box and Chanel is a black box LOL)!

    The VG twiggy has been bugging me for a couple months now to buy it....maybe I should call Bal and try to get a nice gal on the phone to help!

    I even told my hubby today that there should have been no way he could have found it because I have been trying for months to locate one!

    I'll let you all know what I decide to do......and I won't know what DH gets me for another 11 days ACK The suspense is killing me LOL

    Oh and I should say....I don't want to know what he got me...I really want it to be a surprise!!!! Although he has let it slip some of the places where he hasn't bought me something and places where he has bought me things (Banana Republic is one place that he did buy me stuff from LOL). This will really be the first birthday that he is surprising me...usually I just tell him what I want and we go out to LV or something and buy it!
  12. The suspense is killing me too!
  13. This sounds like my house!

    It might disappoint DH, but buy the vert gazon -- you may not have another chance. I doubt it's what he got you anyway -- odds are pretty low! And if by some miracle he found one, you can always exchange for the black you really need!
  14. Twiggers... thats very cool the "surprise" is still there! I tell my dh what I want... and we go get it together... (that way I make sure I get exactly what I was looking for)... so everyones stays happy. hahah j/p I'm really not as bad as I sound!! :Push:
  15. ^^^usually that is what I do...but this year I wanted a I made a wishlist on Kaboodle!!! Silly me though threw things on there that I wanted sooner than my birthday LOL