ACK, gorgeous black flat brass first $1885 BIN

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  1. ohhh, i want! :drool:
  2. santa... you havent visited my tree yet tonight... this would be an excellent present!!
  3. Wow that is gorgeous..the bag has only gone up $20 in five years?? that is pretty good!!
  4. ^^^ so glad balenciaga doesn't raise their prices 3 times a year like LV!
  5. Ohh it's fab!
  6. pretty bag! looks like in great condition too!!!! :yahoo:
  7. ^^ congrats to the lucky winner :yahoo:
  8. WHO WON HER? I hope if was a pf'er!

    Welcome to the fb family whomever won!
  9. Ohhhhh...what a gorgeous bag!
    Congrats for the winner! Who? PFer?
  10. it was me!!! dream bags do come home after all!!!

    ive been looking for one of these for such a long time!
  11. ^Wow, toni, what a fabulous purchase. 02 FBF, and it looks brand-spakin' new! Congrats on getting this rare gem.
  12. Congrats on landing your dream bag, Toni! FB is fabulous :P
  13. ^^thanks so much! it was truly a Christmas miracle!! i could not believe my eyes when i saw it and hit that BIN before i knew what i was doing!!
    will post pics .. should be here tomorrow!!
  14. Congratulations, toni! Can't wait to see pics, it's just too hot! :party: