Ack. Do I get an LV or a Chanel? Do I cheat on Chanel?

  1. I really think I love the rock and chain, it looks gorgeous in the 07 March pics from bazaar....but I just found this on eBay and its a fabulous deal.

    I love my Chanel, but I do love this purse. They will be the same price....Do I get the LV Suhali? Or the Rock and Chain? The only think I worry about the R&C is I already own a should diversify? I really want a new white purse for the summer.


    Rock and chain in black
  2. i would go for the white suhali :shame:
  3. I love both LV and Chanel, but I don't like the R&C, so I'd go for the suhali. White suhali is so hot:love:
  4. I cheat on Chanel with LV only when it comes to awesome colored vernis and a Suhali like the one you showed. In this instance, I really would advise you get the Suhali. *please don't throw your old Dooney & Bourke bags at me for saying that*
  5. very tough decision to make. do you like structured bags or slouchy soft squeeshy yummy bags?
  6. I love both equally. The only reason I was leaning away from the R&C is I have the modern chain hobo, so I have a slouchy Chanel bag and I like to diversify.

    I have stayed away from Chanel totes because I have an LV Houston Vernis tote that I love to use.

    I like the shape and strucutre of the Suhali a lot. Its probably either this, or maybe my 50's bag or the jumbo flap? Acccck....I wish I coudl get both, but the darling BF wouldnt' stay very darling for long if I got both.
  7. Hard call ..
    Both bags are TDF!

    I would expect you would receive more hits for the chanel since this is the Chanel part of the forum and if you posted this in the LV section get more lv hits, but with that being said the White Suhali is one of the few LV's I love as much as chanel.

    I vote for the White le fab:love:
  8. I love the LV, you won't regret it!:love: I love mine!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. if you are considering the white color only, i would go with the LV if it were me. best of luck with your decision.
  10. Yep...thats why I posted here, b/c the LV side would be biased ;)

    And I wanted die hard Chanel lovers, to really give an opinion. I figured if the Chanel lovers would cheat on LV for the Suhali...then I should opt for the Suhali
  11. I think variety is good and I love the Suhali! If you've never used tPF's LV authenticators they're really nice. They helped me with a green epi speedy on eBay that I love! :love: Of course the R&C is such a nice slouchy casual bag... Good luck with your decision!
  12. Normally, I would say Chanel all the way. But given the two bags that you're considering, I would go with the LV. It's a great looking bag. I love it in white.
  13. if you want a bag fro spring / summer definately go fo the LV. don't worry about cheating on chanel do what you think is right. white bags are definately for summer and spring so if you want a bag for then go for it, plus you could always be naughty and go for both!
  14. I LOVE Suhali line, esp. White Le Fab! I'm so gettin the bag this year!!
  15. The Suhali is too rigid and hard to me. . . I don't like it personally. Not as much as other LV or other brands sorry.