Ack! Dilemma...

  1. Okay..let me preface this by saying it's SO not a selling thread and I'm not even going to say what bag I'm talking about:p.
    If you had a really rare B-Bag, and it was a real collector's item, but you never used it- would you sell it? Or keep it to appreciate in value and maybe to look at once in a while?
    Edit- maybe not "never"... I guess I use it maybe three or four weeks out of the year at most. Also...I'm trying to save for a really high-priced bag and selling this would get me there easily.
    I just don't know what to do. Advice?
    (I hope I'm not busted for starting a selling thread after all, I'm so paranoid!)
  2. I would say sell it. :yes: If the market is good for it now and it will get you the funds to purchase another bag that you would get more use out of, then let it go. :tup:
  3. Well personally i find it hard to part with any of my things, so I'd find other things to sell to work my way towards a bag that i really really want :biggrin: But I guess it all depends on how much you really love your collector's item. If it makes no difference whether you have it or not, or if you will get more use out of the newer one, i say sell it!
  4. Set yourself free- live it, don't caretake it (not poetic but heartfelt!)
  5. I would just keep it?! while saving it for those occasional "special" events you may want to wear it to. But then this is coming from a person who has never had to part with one her purses before. I just get too attached to them to let them go, i'd feel like I was putting up one of my kids for adoption. lol You can always make money and save up for the higher priced bag you want. It might take a little more time than it would if you were to sell this bag and put the money towards it but i'm sure it will be worth it to have both in your collection. Selling this rare b-bag may just be the quick-fix way but in the long run you might regret it.

    whatever you decide, definitely take your time to make the decision.
  6. I have a really hard time parting with things. I'm always worried that if I get rid of one of my bags, especially one that is hard to come by, that I'll regret it later. That said, I know that there was something that I truly loved about each of my bags that made me want to purchase them in the first place. I guess it just depends if you feel attached to it regardless of its rare/valuable status. If it is something you really love, it might be worth it to keep it for those times when it would be the perfect bag. I would weigh how much you love the bag versus how much you want those funds towards the other more expensive bag.
  7. if you never use it and for most of the year it sits in your closet i would say sell it for what you know you love and will use. but then again i am guilty of the same thing... keeping a bag just because it's gorgeous
  8. I say sell it. I just let my LV Mandarin Epi Speedy go because I didn't carry it. I loved that bag a whole lot, but I figured I'd rather have the money to put toward a bag that I would carry more than twice a year. Good luck with your decision!
  9. I would sell it. If it's not in use, regardless of the rarity of the color/style, then it should find a new home. I think that selling is especially the right move given that you have a new purchase in mind.
  10. Set her free!!!!! I did it and felt great!
  11. Hi sweetie! :heart: I 'm sorry I haven't been good with keeping correspondance lately, I've been dealing with sentimental issues.:wacko:

    I say sell, unless it's an evening bag, which is ok to not use very often. Or if for some reason it has very big sentimental value to you.
    I've read this advice from many lovely PFers in the past, and I will repeat it to you now- even if it's rare, if you don't use it it's not really worth to keep it.
    Also, I understand that you are reaching a purse maturity by going the Hermes way, so it is only sensible and clever to organise your accesories in a way that can benefit the finance of H!
    But really, most of all, if you don't use something enough, and it has a good resale value, then do it!
    I know you always take the best decisions in fashion dilemmas! :happydance:
  12. The fact that you're able to think about selling is a sign that it might be time to let go...
  13. it looks like you are turning to the dark side - the land of Hermes!
    if you never use the bag, sell it. i'm a lover not a hoarder of b-bags and i say if you don't use the bag and it just sits in your closet, you should let it go. and if you are even thinking of selling it then do it. if it breaks your heart to think of letting it go to finance another bag, then maybe you should hold off for a while. but if it is a relief to think that selling it will get you the bag you really want, then put that baby on the chopping block! let it go to a home where it will be loved:yes:
  14. I think of it this way: As much as I would cherish and love to possess something so rare and beautiful, if I don't actually use it, it's a waste. Someone else could cherish and love it just as as much, AND use it. That's where it ought to go. Sell.
  15. Ah..the voices of reason. Thank you!
    I just remember how happy I was to find it and I wonder, what if what I'm saving for instead just doesn't do it for me? Yes, I'm buying an Hermes but I don't plan to let go all of my B-Bags. This one is really making me fret- if I decide that the H bag isn't really for me after all and I sell it, it will be so hard to replace this B-Bag!
    Danae- email me darling, we'll have a good virtual martini and gripe about the state of the world. Hope everything's okay.
    I might do the Ben Franklin thing and make a Pro/Con list...