Ack! Decisions, decisions. Thompson St vs lexington. Help!


Lexington or Thompson street

  1. Lexington

  2. Thompson Street

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  1. So, some of you may recall, I just found a lexington Indigo...well now thatnks to our wonderful shopping sub forum I found a thompson st...I think I would like better...what to do, what to do...
  2. I like the Thompson St better. It is more practical.
  3. I prefer the Lexington. Not a fan of the Thompson shape and the IMO long strap...
  4. I'd go with the Thompson St. The Lexington is just SO tiny..I rarely use mine.
  5. I like both. Sorry, guess I'm no help.
  6. Wow, so many more people voted for the lexington than I thought would....ok you lex lovers convinvce me....why is it better?
  7. I personally prefer the Lexington :yes:
  8. hah, we're split 50-50! the thompson street is so much bigger. the lexington is TINY -- tinier than a regular pochette.
  9. I vote Lexington!!!!!! LOVE that classy AND cute!!! :yes:
  10. I voted for the Thompson St. only because it is bigger than the Lexington. Both are cute, though!!
  11. Thompson St. only because I prefer bigger bags, Lexington is great for other occassions
    I so love the Tompkins Square, why did they take that bag off? MY SA tried all over to find me one in bronze - gone, gone, gone!!
  12. I like the Lexington !
  13. The lexington is small, but I'm an addict to them. I think they're a great size for a night out: small wallet, lipstick, keys, cellphone
  14. Lexington for me!
  15. I prefer the Lexington. They're pretty, although a bit small.

    If you can live with a pochette/mini pochette, then you can deal with a lexington, however, if you normally carry alot of stuff around and use big bags often, then get the Thompson.

    I guess the real decision is which one is more practical for you