ACK, craving another huge b-bag again (courier)

  1. gals, i sold my origan courier to a lovely PFer on e-bay before the holidays, because my DH said it was too big on me (especially when i stuffed it) :p...but now i'm craving another one in this style & wanted to get some advice...can those of you with couriers, tell me what you use them for & what you love about them (?) :love:...and if you've got any photos of yourself wearing them, that would be great too...i'm only 5'2" without heels, but have been thinking it might work better on me than my weekender because of the strap...i mean, if NR can pull it off, why can't i, right (lol!!!) :tender:
  2. aaallabama, I can't believe it you're too funny,
    Your olive courrier is just perfect thanks again and just like you I adore the one nicole is wearing in that pic, I love the courrier cause it's so casual chic and the strap makes the bag looks not that big if you know what i mean.
    If you want some pics of me wearing your ex courrier you can pm me.
    By the way did you find your caramel city?
  3. lol, i know, i love 'em & leave 'em & then want 'em back again :love: :wlae: :tender:...but i really think i should have kept this style now instead of my weekender even though i've never tried either of them...because i think it will be easier for a shorty like me to maneauver with that big strap & i just know some cool trip is going to pop up & i'm gonna wish i had it back :p

    p.s. i didn't find a caramel city, but i found a work instead :heart:
  4. I :heart: my blueberry courier because it holds a TON, its easy to carry- free arms etc and i like the fact that its one of the least popular balenciaga styles - less chance of bumping into someone else with the same style. I also prefer it becuase it can be used messenger style which i really like - and i also like the fact that it comes up a little higher than most messenger bags - i think it looks really chic. The ONLY thing I dont like is that it comes in less variety of colours and isnt it a recent style so you cant get it in like '04 colours - an '04 lilac courier would be TDF :love: .
  5. I used it constantly over the holidays- it was perfect for shopping or taking gifts & goodies while out and about. I agree with you about them being less popular - I like that too.
    redcourier 008.JPG redcourier 014.JPG
  6. I love the courier~ I actually get compliments on it when I use it!!!
  7. Ya'll are making me want one SO bad!
  8. Wow I would love to see it:wlae:
    Can you carry the work over your shoulder?
  9. I have a Rouille Courrier that I snagged of eBay for $599 out the's brand new, and I love it for all the reasons already stated.

  10. ^^ thanks for sharing gals!!! :cutesy:

    p.s. i :heart: your photos Bark, you wear it well
  11. I think our darling Decophile is 5'2 0r 5'3 and she uses her courier for her gym clothes, I think. Maybe we can get her to post a pic?
  12. i really dig the courrier style. like aaallabama, i'm short (5'3"), but honestly...i'd rock the style and not worry too much about what others think. granted, my body is also very curvy so that might make the courier look a little smaller in comparison :p

    there was a sapin besace on eBay that i'd been eyeing for awhile, but i like the courrier style better.
  13. OMG, aaallabama, thanks for starting this thread! I never knew that I needed a courier bag until I saw these fantastic posts! *running over to eBay and aloharag pdf to check ouot couriers*
  14. ^^ here's a photo bananagirl :tender:

    p.s. she fits over my shoulder without a big coat
    _MG_0449_02 REV.jpg
  15. aaa, I LOVE your Work!:love: