Ack! Coach shoes on sale at Macy*s!

  1. SO... I had to run to the mall during my lunch break to pick up a wireless router from Radio Shack to set up the network at home <~ cuz if I wait for my dad to do it, I'll be waiting FOREVER! Anyway, I just COULD NOT go to the mall without making a FAST stop by the Coach boutique, the Macy*s Coach sections, AND the Dillard's Coach section... lol. I was looking at the bags inside Macy*s and noticed (out of the corner of my eye) a bunch of Coach shoes on display, front and center... SO, I casually strolled over to them only to discover that EVERY SINGLE SHOE ON DISPLAY WAS 25% OFF!!! I kid you not, the SA kinda giggled at how overjoyed with excitement I was... haha. While I couldn't stop to try on and purchase (darn work!), I think I am DEFINITELY gonna have to go back after work <~ hopefully I get out of work before my boyfriend does... lol... There were lots of styles including the Noel flats, patchwork sneakers and ballet flats, patchwork espadrilles, dalia sneakers, jana flats, katelyn sneakers, ireland and karissa espadrilles, lonnie flats, valari flats, elen sneakers in white, and some other flats, slip-ons, and sneakers... I couldn't note all of them cuz there were TOO MANY! Anywho, just thought I'd share what I found with ya'll...

    Happy Monday!!!

  2. I wonder if Macys are all different because I was there today in the shoe department and not one coach shoe was on sale.
  3. Thanks for the info. :smile: It is crazy by me with the flooding and stuff, I don't have enough patience to go to the mall today. Did you happen to see how long they would be on sale for? TIA. Hope you had a Happy Monday, too.
  4. Sweet! May have to venture out today after all......
    Being a Spring Break bum right now!!
  5. I didn't, I was kind of in a hurry to get back to work... BUT, if I happen to stop by today after work, I'll be sure to make note of it and let you know!
  6. Thank you. :smile:
  7. Lucky chica!!! I hope you make it and have loads of fun!!:yes:
  8. Let us know if you get anything!
  9. ^^ Let us know how long the sale lasts too
  10. Awsome! Please do shop and tell!
  11. Me too. The one here had some styles on sale for 25% off last weekend, but no signs today. I was able to get 30% off my Katelyns that I bought, but that was because I reopened my account with them.
  12. wow i hope they re on sale at mine
  13. Apparently this is what I get for not looking....was just talking with my mom and she said that the one here does have shoes on sale. They were on the clearance rack and this was the one time I didn't wander over there....will be heading back tomorrow!!
  14. This is the sale I saw in the store yesterday! I just got this email from Macy*s about an hour ago. I didn't know handbags were included though!!! I AM SO THERE!!! Lol...


    If you notice the fine print, it applies to online purchases TOO!!! Until April 25th... hurry!!!
  15. ^coach won't be included in that sale (bags, that is. shoes obviously are, but not online).