ACK! CC Turnlock Discoloration!!

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  1. I bought my chevron so black last May, and have since used it a handful of times. I always keep it stored nicely in a dry environment, in its dustbag, and when I pulled it out today, I saw that the entire center section of the CC Turnlock is a greenish hue! (At first I thought it was just due to glare, but unfortunately, it's actual color change.)

    Has anyone experienced this before with the black hardware? Is it something that Chanel can replace? I also bought this bag from Bergdorfs, but I'm wondering if I could bring it to a Chanel boutique for repair instead of shipping it back to NY (I I live in SF).

    I know it doesn't look horrible or anything, but it was a huge hassle to find the perfect chevron that had no wrinkling (I literally bought 4 before finding this one), and now this happens. Yeesh!

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  2. Hi, there.
    I wonder if that means the metal quality is really bad? I have earrings that turn green like this too, even if it is in a dry environment.

    Can you get an exchange done?

    The other thing you can try is to buy a metal polish cloth and VERY gently with your finger polish it. Do not use your nails.
  3. Oh my goodness, I just posted a thread today about being paranoid about this hardware :-s One more potential issue over which to fret!

    I would definitely contact Chanel to see what they can offer. If it makes you feel better, it doesn't look very obvious in the pictures you posted. Let us know what you decide!
  4. I agree with 000, it's not very noticeable. Even when you told me it turned green in the photo, I still had a hard time looking for it.
  5. Thanks, ladies. You can definitely notice it in person more so than in the photos. It was hard to capture with a camera phone. But, I do agree that it's not a glaring issue that anyone would notice but me. I just find it irritating because the best part of the bag for me is the special black hardware.
  6. I'd totally be frustrated and upset, it a very valid feeling considering how expensive it is.
  7. I had the lock replaced of my so black without any cost at my Chanel boutique. The black started peeling off [emoji30]
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