Ack can someone please help me....

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  1. I have to do work experience for a few weeks (its a government requirement) and just found out that I have to wear black:crybaby:. I just hate black IMO it is SO boring. I will be working at 'the Body Shop' so the I need to be comfortable, anyone got any ideas of styles etc I can wear whilst still looking fashionable? I live in the UK so I need to be able to purchase from the UK also I will only be wearing the clothes for 2 weeks so the cheaper the better lol! Thanks everyone, Hollie x:heart:
  2. How about something nice from Zara?
  3. Haute, have a look at the Next Directory - THey have loads of black items, that are not expensive. I like the little black belted cardigans from there, as you can wear a white or black shirt under them, and atleast once you leave, could wear them at the weekend with a bright coloured vest or something underneath :smile:

    good luck with your work experience.
  4. Thanks,

    Nola: I think thats a good idea I suppose I could buy a few select pieces from zara mixed with cheaper pieces.

    Chloe-babe: great idea thanks :smile:

    Anyone else have any more suggestions?
  5. topshop simple pair of black trousers - could be around £20 - do you have a student id or something like that -to get your stud discount?
    cant go wrong with a simple pair of black trousers (you could also check out h&m for that, same price range)

    as for a top I would get a simple black Tee (if that is acceptable), a cute blouse and a tunic style top, so you can vary a bit. for the tee I would get a jersey one (so NOW) and for the top you could also get a smocked top (also very fashionable this sumemr). again try H&M, TS, or for super extra cheap Primark (obviously). maybe new look has some nice black tops as well.

    oh, don't forget: black is the fashion crowds' first choice! you can NEVER go wrong with black.
  6. Do you have Club Monaco in the UK? I see mostly black pieces there in the US for the last season or two.
  7. oh how i wish we had club monaco in the UK!
    good luck with your work exp. i did mine at a primary school a few years ago, it was hell.
  8. At the body they wear like a green pinny thing dont they? in that case how about black skinny jeans and black pumps with a black t-shirt? so then your not clashing with the green of the pinny and you'll look hot!