ACK! Another Gorgeous Croc Jige at my NM!

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  1. This one is driving me nuts! Look at how gorgeous this is! OMG!

    So, here is a Friday night treat for everyone! Enjoy!!!

    Stats: Violet Croc Jige $5300

    And if anyone is interested, you can call Lisa Hamlin at (248) 635-8442 to make this bag yours!
  2. jag! Your store has everything! :yes:
  3. jag - it's beautiful!
  4. Stop it!!!! This is too pretty.

  5. Shhhhhh are giving away all the NM Hermes secrets!! There won't be anything left for me.:graucho: Just kidding...Michigan needs all the business it can get!! :tup:
  6. Oh my goodness, :love::heart:....Violet Croc!!! Is it the pic or is this matte croc? Because if they are making violet croc in matte, I may have to begin to think about exotics! Honestly though, croc clutches are stunning -- thank you for the beautiful pic :heart:!~
  7. :nuts:...its sooo :drool::drool:!!! Is that a jige elan or PM?
  8. Jag, you're so lucky!! Our store is having a drought now. :sad:
  9. Wow! The colour! The croc! The JIGE!!!
  10. What a beaut! Love it .. thanks for sharing JAG .. we are all drooling!
  11. Gorgeous!
  12. OMG that is gorgeous!! I´m in love with the colour!
  13. JAG, Lisa should give YOU a gift for sending her all this business! I hope she is getting a nice bonus...pick out the rest. for lunch and make the reservation in her name:smile:
  14. wiping drool off the keyboard....
  15. LOL! You are sweet! Lisa is just one of those great SA's that you just want to tell everyone about! Because she has always been so good to me, and has always helped me no matter what- I just feel like the least I can do, is keep telling the world about her! And the best part is that so many of my PF friends have been able to get bags they couldn't otherwise get because of the referral. So that makes it totally worth while!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.