Acid yellow

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  1. Someone posted a lovely wallet (think it was emilie) with the acid yellow color (looks like highlighter yellow). Any intel on what other pieces have this lining? My SA is on vacay til next Saturday, but so curious!

  2. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465720595.494591.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465720607.379877.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465720615.789174.jpg
    In Germany on Website are this 2.
  3. Great color! It goes well with monogram.
  4. I have seen it IRL, very very bright/neon and almost hurts your eyes if you look at it too long ;) but goes great with monogram! And I do still think about it :smile: but I want small SLGs and there where none in this color :sad:
  5. Uh!! this looks amazing!! hope we get some cool slg's in this color :smile:
  6. I love this color. So bright and fresh.
  7. Wow Louis Vuitton sure makes bright colors This year. I am impressed!
  8. I wish for highlighter blue, green, and orange interior. :P

  9. Ah!! I'd love it in green or blue!!!
  10. That colour looks amazing with the Monogram I got an Emilio in the hot pink, but keep thinking about that acid yellow.
  11. I like the other yellow they released earlier. This yellow is way to bright.
  12. Anyone have pieces in this color yet?
  13. Or have a review.. I'm torn between the 2 yellows
  14. Hmmmm.....reminds me of the color pistache from a few years ago.
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