Acid Yellow Trigger Spring 2009

  1. I feel this bag deserves its own thread! This is the very first yellow bag in my entire life! I used to avoid bright colors, but now I love them! I got this bag at a really good deal, and it actually looks much better than I have expected. :yahoo:

    The leather is slightly glazed and veiny, just like typical cowhide. It's also very lightweight even though not made of lambskin. The yellow shade is very pretty, it totally convinced me that I should keep getting bright color bags in the future! It's got gunmetal hardware.

    The straps fit very comfortably on the shoulder, and the 3 compartments help me stay organized as well. There are 2 exterior slip pockets on the front and the back under the flaps, but you cannot reach inside without opening the clasp on the back bottom of the bag, so I don't think they are convenient enough for daily use.

    Overall, I love this bag so much, the size is perfect, the compartments are very functional, the zippers run smoothly, and the color POPS!
    IMG_0871.JPG IMG_0872.JPG IMG_0876.JPG
  2. Some more!
    IMG_0878.JPG IMG_0880.JPG IMG_0881.JPG
  3. Gorgeous pics, tejava! Congrats! The Trigger's organisation is pretty awesome, no? Darn it, you're almost convincing me that I could use a bright yellow bag as well... ;)
  4. It's a beauty tejava!!
  5. Oh my gosh! I love that color. So pretty. :biggrin:
  6. Bumping this thread because I am carrying this bag this week!
  7. Love it! I bought two yellow bags in September and I can hardly wait to carry them!
  8. I have this bag too!! I love it, the yellow is so pretty!
  9. Love it!! It's such a vibrant, fun color. :sunshine:
  10. I am wearing this bag today. I got it on sale about two years ago from Bergdorf Goodman.
  11. Nice bag!
  12. That's beautiful!