acetone nail polish on birkin!

  1. i'm freaking out!

    on wednesday night i made some salsa... and chopped up 4 jalapeno without wearing gloves or covering my hands with oil (i didnt know!).... for the next 16 hours my left hand BURNED... i had my hand in ice cold water for all those hours.....could not take it out of ice water for more than 20 seconds or it would be unbearable pain. i didnt sleep the whole night. my husband and i looked on the internet to see what could take the oil out....... we tried everything from milk, dawn soap, tomatoe paste, rubbing alcohol, cheese, make up remover, wine...... and acetone nail polish. i poured ithe nail polish into a cup to soak my hand in, and when it didnt work, went back to using just water and ice.

    the next day, after my hand stopped burning and i got some sleep, i went back to empty the cup of nail polish remover, but it already evaporated and melted the cup. it also leaked onto the wooden tray that i placed the cup on.

    earlier today, someone moved my birkin from where i had it....and placed it on that tray! :wtf: i freaked out when i saw it.........smelled and sniffed the bottom leather over and over like a mad woman trying to smell traces of any acetone on the birkin. i can easily smell the acetone still on the tray where i had the cup and it melted/evaporated. i can faintly smell it on the bottom of my birkin! what do i do? will it eat up the leather(togo)? its been over 24 hours since the acetone melted onto the tray......maybe the actetone is not as strong on the leather anymore????? please help with any advice!:sad:

    thank you.

  2. Was there any visible damage on the bag? You only mentioned that it smelled of acetone...I imagine that it would only affect the color, rather than the leather itself (acetone is a paint thinner, but is soluble in water).

    Bring it to your local Hermes store and ask for a spa treatment.
  3. Yes RUN to Hermes and have them deal with it immediately! I HATE when people move my bag at home. AARRG! Hang in there, at least it is only the bottom and likely Hermes can help whatever it is that got on there to be on its way off your Birkin.
  4. ^ yep, I'd be getting it to the store asap....or try calling your closest craftsman for advice...New York perhaps?
  5. oops
  6. Yes, run to the H store and submit it for spa immediately! Acetone can be quite corrosive sometimes, it even corroded my marble finishing when I spilled some on top of it once.

    Maybe as first-aid, you can try wiping it first with half-wet soft cloth to remove any acetone residue?
  7. If it is water soluble, I would try wiping with damp cloth (assuming it's a leather that water won't hurt) and calling H asap.
  8. Oh how awful both your hand and your bag! Let us know what Hermes says.
  9. Yes, call Hermes and see what they say. They might tell you to do something quickly yourself if you can't take your bag in right away. I am really concerned with the stitching on the bottom of the bag as well as the leather. Would absorbed acetone make them weak or even worse later. I am so sorry. A small spill of acetone killed the finish on my tabletop in one second.
  10. Can you see any damage? If it really had been in contact with the acetone, you should see some damage already. I think you escaped by a hair's breadth. Give the store a call or stop by if it's near but if you can't see anything I think you're OK.
  11. run to a store and bring the bottle to so they can see
  12. Take her to the doctor's office... I mean H store... IMMEDIATELY!!
  13. ooh scary. call claude at nyc and ask for advice first thing in the a.m. he'll know what to do. or PM HG, his right hand woman lol. she'll definitely know!!!
  14. Yes, take her to H immediately and let us know how it turns out! I'm sorry about your hand and your Birkin!
  15. OMG...I just revisited this and see that my oops post is missing a part!! I was editing and something went wrong. It is too late now, but I was trying to say that alchohol will neutralize acetone....and ask what the ladies think....

    I sincerely meant to be more helpful than to just say OOPS!

    I really really hope things work out allright for your bag. This is a chilling story and i was very worried when I read your post. I dont know what happened to my post, but I really hope all is well with your bag!!