1. anyone using an Acer laptop? What are you thoughts, any issues, and what is the c/service like?

  2. They're pretty decent in terms of features/price, but as they make consumer-grade laptops and as such, your expectations should be adjusted accordingly. I personally dislike their keyboard layout and think that there's an awful lot of plastic in the build quality, but they are comparable to others in their price range. I'd stay away from the sub-$1000 loss leaders and look at their higher-end offerings. As with any significant hardware purchase, buy the longest warranty the manufacturer offers.

    You can get more information on specific models at the Acer forum on
  3. thanks for the post, i'll check that link.
  4. I had one my when I started my freshman yr in college. Back in 1996. Never had a prob with it. Lasted forever... I think I still have it in my closet.. I can play Solitare on it lol..
  5. Yay for Taiwanese brands :yahoo: