accused of a fake bag (when it was authentic)

  1. Sorry but I just have to go on a venting rampage where people might understand!

    So I was in Swarovski today with a friend, and I was using my large khaki/bronze Carly (which i bought two weeks ago! and I was wearing a Tattersall muffler) and this sales associate was helping us, then the other sales guy goes up to her and starts whispering something in her ear and I caught on a few words which basically summed up to him saying that my bag was a fake and she was asking "how do you know" and he replied he could only tell with the carly bag. I turned around and gave them a dirty look and she was using a fake patronizing smile and said "Oh i have the same bag, but bigger."
    I just laughed and told her Coach didn't make them bigger, as this was the LARGE Carly. and she kinda tugged on my bag and looked at it and said "no, mines bigger, and its the same colour." and then they gave each other this look. I had huge urge to whack my bag into her

    I hate stupid people! anyone else ever experience something like this? I just have to vent, cause I was being talked down to like I didn't know anything!
  2. I would have said...hmm, maybe yours is fake then...
  3. wow thats pretty bad I am sorry you had to go through that.. I have a certain coach store in my area that I refuse to go to just because the people who work in there are just flat out rude and always make me feel uncomfortable in their store. so If I want to return or make a purchase I always have to drive to the further coach. oh well some people are just snotty and flat out rude.
  4. I would have said the SAME thing!!!!! Obviously their Coach radar is WAY OFF as they cant tell a fake from the real thing!!! :tdown: ENJOY that beautiful Carly!!!!!!
  5. ugh, don't pay attention...i know it is hard, but just let it roll off your back. There will always be people like that! And they get pleasure out of making you good on you for laughing about it in the store.
  6. haha I think it was implied when I told them that Coach didn't make them bigger. but she obviously didn't catch on. And you know, I guess my scarf MUST be fake too, because you know, the tattersall pattern is so often replicated right now (sarcasm)

    I just hate people who go about accusing when they don't have a single clue =] He's probalby one of those idiots who only think its real coach if its engraved on all the hardware.
  7. UGH, I am sorry you had to deal with this stupid couple today! This is the reason I sometimes feel uneasy when carrying a signature or monogram bag. I would have wanted to bag slap them too!!

  8. Ugh! People are so rude.. and especially accusing you of a fake bag!!

    That is just.. D:<

    I would've been like.. Well.. I guess coach likes to sell fake stuff now, because that's where I got it! and just give them a dirty look at walk out. >.>

  9. Ewwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate when sales associates act that way. They are working for YOU at that time and getting paid for it. Have some respect for the customers!!! Hmmm...wonder if she got her bigger carly at a Coach purse party?:blah: Sorry....that stuff just makes me so mad. Sorry you had to go through that, and congrats on your great bag!
  10. Oh I totally would have said "OMG, where did you get it? It is fake then because there is no possible way that it could be bigger, Coach doesn't make this size any bigger!"

    But... the time has passed. I too would be really really aggravated and offended at that.
  11. Ugh! ya I know! that's why it was hard for me to even buy the bag since there are a ridiculous amount of fake Carly's out there but i LOVE it, I love how Carly looks in khaki sig, and it's much more affordable then the leather, and if I was going to get leather, I'd get a legacy bag (when I will one day be able to afford it)

    what annoys me too was I was ALSO wearing two pieces from swarovski, a $95 dollar necklace and $150 charm bracelet. I'm definitely not getting either of those two to help out if I ever need anything
  12. "First, please don't touch my bag. Since you're obviously not capable of distinguishing an authentic bag from a counterfeit, you're also not capable of handling it properly. Second, if you really don't know what you're talking about, which evidently you don't, then you really shouldn't say anything."

    Of course, that's what would be going on in my head. Out of my mouth? Probably a condescing smile, and a "You have a larger one?? Don't feel bad, a lot of people buy fakes without knowing it." Then turn and walk out.
  13. ugh! crap like that really gets me!
    and the worst part is you're so mortified you can't think of what to say until afterwards. :push:

    i would have gone off. but, then again, i'm a bit*h. i'll admit it. :p

  14. Ditto!

    That is so rude :cursing:
  15. it was very tempting. but all I could really do was either laugh about it or be a *****. I decided to laugh at them and walk off and out of the store. I'd rather have the idiotic little girl keep buying her "real" bags then direct her to where she could put better use of her money