Accusation of Fake?

  1. I was wondering if you ladies could give me some advice.

    My bestfriend just recently sold her speedy 30 on ebay and it was 100% authentic (I know because I was with her when she bought it from Holt Renfrew). :yes:

    So she shipped it to this person and then all of a sudden received an email from the buyer saying that it's fake (which it's not). She thinks this person is trying to return a fake bag and keep the real one she sent. :cursing:

    Should she just tell the person that the one she sent is real and leave it at that? Can the buyer mess with her ebay account of get her paypal account frozen if they decide to file a complaint or something? She's now thinking she should transfer the money out of her paypal account directly into her bank account right away just in case.

    Any advice is much appreciated.

  2. I would transfer the money out right away because paypal can freeze the money. I think that I would also remove my bank account from paypal, as they are also infamous for freezing entire bank accounts.

    Hopefully your friend has good pictures of the bag and can use those to prove authenticity. Maybe she could even offer to pay the $5 to have Carol look at the pictures and authenticate the bag....
  3. how much did she sell it for
  4. Wow...I agree with Ck21...make sure your friend has proof of authenticity, receipt, pics etc..
  5. What??? They can freeze your bank account??? How can they do that??

    The problem is....the buyer isn't arguing that the bag in the pictures is fake....the buyer is arguing that my friend listed a real bag and then shipped a fake one (which is simply untrue). This person is trying to pull a scam!!
  6. have your friend send this message:

    Dear buyer,

    I am confused as to how this bag is fake. I bought it myself from Holt Renfrew. If you no longer wish to keep the bag, please send the bag back to me in the condition it was sold to you. Upon receiving the bag, I will check for my hidden sellers mark, then refund winning bid amount plus the original shipping. I cannot, however repay you return shipping. Please let me know as soon as possible what you want to do.

    Thank You,

    The hidden sellers mark will automatically make them rethink what they're doing if they plan to return a fake. It could quite possibly be buyers remorse. I would go ahead and accept the return so your friend doesn't end up getting a dispute and lose the money and the bag all together.
  7. Oh yeah, No bag, no refund. DO NOT refund until the bag is in your friends hand. If they ask for a partial refund, don't do it.
  8. The problem is she doesn't have anything anymore. She didn't have the receipt to begin with but she sent the bag and the tags with the bag so she's effectively sent everything she has to prove that the bag is real.

    All she has are the pictures she took but that doesn't really prove anything.

  9. Another question:

    If she transfers the money from her paypal account into her bank account and then closes her paypal account....will she be able to open a new paypal account later?
  10. I think this the best she can do.. great feedback allison
  11. Also, if the buyer wants a refund through Paypal, she will have to prove to Paypal that the bag itself is a fake (which requires a letter, which can be obtained through mypoupette, caroldiva etc.). Tell her if she wishes to do that, make sure that the emails are CCed to her, to confirm the bag is the same one your friend sent.

    Also, this is more of an eBay question so I will be moving it to that forum. :yes:
  12. Transfer your money out of Paypal immediately
    If you have the date code and pictures of the bag that you sent her which she should have from the listing. It would be hard for her to switch it with a fake one because you have the information (date code). You would be able to tell if she switched it. If she did- then you have nothing to worry about because you have the proof- she gets no refund and I would let Ebay and Paypal know what scam she pulled. If your friend truely sold her an authentic hand bag- she has nothing to worry about- just get that money out of paypal.
  13. Thanks for all the advice!!!
  14. Also- there is another forum out there that is compiling a list of Fake LV Sellers as well as Scam artist buyers. If this person truely turns out to be a scam artist- then could you PM me with the Ebayer ID so I can add it to the list.

    I feel your friends pain- I had sold one of my special order handbags and sent it along with the original reciept. I get an email from the buyer that it was fake- I could have died- I told her that I had pictures of everything and to send it back- once I got it it would be authenticated and her money would be refunded. Personally- I think its buyers remorse- some people just get in over there heads lusting for something they cant afford. Keep us posted as to what the outcome is-
  15. It is situations like this that make SO leary of selling on ebay. There are so many dishonest people out there that would not think twice about trying to scam you. Did she have anything in her auction about doing returns?